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Gratitude for self creates clarity within because appreciating who you are means you know who you are and the value you add to life. Then, it becomes easy to recognize the profound impact your life has on others.

Practice having gratitude for yourself. Look for personal accomplishments and achievements that you may have been dismissing.

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  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you (Christi) and my guides. Yesterday was the first day of a new journey for my future. You clarified everything that has so greatly suppressed me for many, many years. I can not explain the feeling I had waking up this morning. As simple as waking up with a smile, feeling confidence in myself and most of all Love. I have always loved my wife and children more than anything, But today it was a little different. I felt love for myself for the first time which is something I have never truly felt since I was born.


  • I attended one of Christi’s classes at Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center. She made me aware of issues I was carrying from childhood, helped me understand them and in turn let them go. It changed my life and I immediately felt a weight lifted. She did it in a fun and loving group setting and I am very thankful for her help. I would highly recommend working with Christi, she is amazing!


  • Prior to being invited by a friend to attend The Night of Unearthing class, the extent of my self examination or work on myself, was limited to personal therapy sessions, motivational books and seminars.

    It should be noted that I was skeptical but simply figured that I had nothing to lose other than a few hours of time and it was something different. Different had helped me in the past, so why not?

    All I had was an inquisitive desire to try different things to improve my happiness and quality of life.

    Right away Christi made me feel very comfortable. The intimate small group setting promoted an environment that set me at ease to relax and take in what was going on without pressure.

    The benefits I have received from attending this class each month have been immediate, ever expanding and perpetual.

    This class to me has everything to do with self awareness. Self awareness in seeing yourself and others in a more accurate light; having a better understanding of why we feel and react a certain way on important subjects such as family, friends, work and finances.

    There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
    Not only does Christi provide you with the teaching and tools to fish forever, she provides you with a spotlight to see the fish.

    The quality of life I enjoy today personally, physically, mentally and financially has improved dramatically in the past year since participating in this class.

    While I cannot say that attending this class alone is the sole reason for my experience, I can say without hesitation that it is one of the biggest contributing factors.

    Seth Diener

  • I have listened to the recording of our session two times since I saw you.  I have never had anyone piece things together the way you did during that session!!  It is helpful in ways beyond what words can express.  I can say that the deep feelings of dread are lifted.  Just wanted to write to say, thank you so very much!!!


  • Everyday I feel the fullness of me and then love me. Choices give me freedom to create my incredible life with only a hint of old ways. I see evidence of joy, happiness, and love wherever I go. Christi and The Guides have facilitated me in knowing the greatness in me. From this moment, I can live my best life.

    Kate Cain-Bell

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