Our Approach

Well Cultivated Hearts Produce Blooming And Thriving Lives

A farmer tills and enriches the soil to prepare it for annual plantings. This cultivation allows seedlings to blossom and flourish in fertile soil free of weeds and debris. At the height of their growth, the farmer can harvest the plantings and experience the bounty they provide.

Just as the farmer uncovers and removes debris, rocks and weeds hidden underground during cultivating, our Unearthing U™ Process clears out hidden beliefs and belief systems from the hidden corners of the mind.

As nature provides sunlight to support the crops in their growth and development, likewise, Spirit provides guidance to support people. When you understand the depth and breadth of Spirit’s support – you naturally develop more trust in yourself and life.

Our unique approach to the Divine Communication Programs illuminates the lens through which you view the world. With the guidance of Spirit you will discover new methods of support that will change the way you approach your life.

With all this education under your belt, you will discover our Thriving Curriculum takes another unique approach. Using our farming analogy – the harvest is meant to be shared, similarly your own unique gifts and abilities are meant to be shared. This Section will guide you to Pay It Forward for the betterment of humanity, as you practice reciprocity.

Our goal with the help of The Guides is to cultivate hearts so that every person can experience the fullest expression of their “Self” and enhance the planet in the special and unique ways that only each individual is able to.