The Guides

Who Are The Guides?

The Guides are a collective energy with various areas of expertise, which come forward to assist Humanity in its entirety.

While most understand that Angels are guardians and protectors that address individual needs, The Guides work collectively to serve Humanity and, as their name implies they provide guidance. They provide insight, options and different ways of viewing situations to assist humankind in moving forward for the betterment of the individual and humanity as a whole.

What Do The Guides Teach?

The Guides’ specialty is the things “You Don’t Know You Don’t Know.” And boy does that cover a lot of territory! Unlike the things we know or even realize we do not know, the category of things “You Don’t Know You Don’t Know” opens up all of our blind spots! These blind spots are extremely important.

Similar to driving in a car, a blind spot can prevent us from seeing oncoming danger. If we can’t see potential danger, we cannot protect ourselves from it, or remove it altogether. Equally, if you can’t see the awesome opportunities ahead, then you can’t experience them either! Blind spots can hide the good stuff too!

What Do The Guides Provide?

The Guides open a window into our mind by providing tools to Unearth the Soul. They support us to accept our value, develop our potential and establish new paradigms to move forward.

When you know who you are and who you are not, you will be able to understand your Soul’s Path of Service. Then you can pay it forward and live your passion.

Who You Are + What You Are Capable Of = Soul’s Path of Service → Pay It Forward