Who We Are

Who Are We?

Christi’s Journey

Pete & Christi Maybo

Pete & Christi Maybo

My personal journey has been a lifelong process of continual growth and expansion, as I continue to delve into areas “I don’t know I don’t know.” Even though I was born with highly intuitive abilities and the gift for communicating with Spirit –  I had to learn how to use those abilities, understand how I was always naturally using them without conscious awareness and discover how my emotional clutter was filtering the clarity of my intuitiveness.

While I studied psychology in undergraduate school – Nothing prepared me for what my mentorship with The Guides would teach me. In their infinite wisdom, they taught me how to hear the unconscious mind, how to reveal blind spots, and always present are “the things we don’t know we don’t know.” No matter what I knew about myself, it was not ever the problem keeping me stuck. With their expertise and guidance, my own Unearthing has been deep, profound and intense. As the guinea pig for our programs, I know how powerful they are because they changed my life entirely.

It was only after I was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, that I finally understood how powerful human pain can be, the effect it can have on our choices and decisions and where it can alter our perspective – eliminating obvious options in front of us. Pete and I had only been dating a very short while at the time, but his steadiness, commitment and love were off the charts which presented a stark contrast to my previous experiences.

Everything I had already learned was trumped by this single experience because the depth of my own soul that was revealed to me blew my mind. The power of his love, the fullness and openness he showed me was possible with another human being, peeled away layers in the deepest and darkest places inside.

I knew then, the tools from The Guides were more potent than ever before, because I had cleared room and space for Pete to show up in my life, and just when I needed love more than ever. The challenge then became adapting to the new. Honestly, that has continued to be the beauty of our journey together.

Learning how to maximize our lives, to experience our fullest potential, while sharing a thriving and joyous life, free from all past limitations is our life long commitment to ourselves. Each step of the way, remembering this powerful teaching from The Guides – when you are moving forward the obstacles in your way will present themselves, specifically because you are moving forward. If you remained where you were, they would not be obstacles and you might not even notice they were there.

Pete’s Journey

While I have been intuitive my entire life, it was not until I was in my thirties that I was able to recognize and appreciate my abilities. In my younger years I would simply say “my gut feeling is” never knowing that I was tapping into something much grander than I ever knew was possible. Even while I had questioned religious beliefs, theories, practices etc. my entire life, my true spiritual “awakening” didn’t start until I reached my thirties.

In the mainstream world, I have been trained in the Health Sciences and have worked in retail pharmacy, hospital laboratories, and the pharmaceutical industry. The path I traveled to get where I am today was certainly filled with its share of twists and turns. I was raised in an environment filled with much, anger, negativity, and fear. While most would hear my story and say “I’m sorry for what you had to endure,” it is only now after having experienced my spiritual awakening that I know to embrace my past with all its pain because those experiences are what helped me become the person I am today.

Through my experiences I have learned the meaning of true compassion for myself and others. I understand we all want to know that we are valued, respected and above all we need to know we are loved for who we are.

I am truly grateful to The Guides for the tools and guidance they provided which allowed me to overcome many of the misconceptions I had about myself and others. By working with The Guides I have transformed my life in ways I never knew were possible. I now embrace my life, I have found my true love, I look forward to the promise of every tomorrow and I continue to grow and expand. I have been blessed in ways too numerous to count.


We must acknowledge and honor all those who came before us and made it possible for us to share The Guides teachings. There are too many to name individually who traveled the path of the unknown, who opened people’s minds and hearts to greater possibility and shared their truth. Despite the adversity and the challenging road, these mighty souls forged ahead.

To each precious soul who expanded belief systems, stretched comfort zones, and created space for new ideas we are extremely grateful. Thanks to your vital role, we are able to share truth from The Guides today to an audience that is ready to listen. Thank you with our deepest love and gratitude!