Monthly Classes

 Spirit’s Perspective On Love, Life & Laughter

Pennsylvania Class

There is a world of difference which exists between Spirit’s Perspective & our own!

Very little in life is actually as it appears because there is always another perspective available. When we cannot see those other viewpoints we need Spirit’s Guidance.

This new potent monthly class will create an open forum for discussion, sharing and learning about how to access Spirit’s Perspective in daily living.

When we begin to perceive ourselves through the crystal clear lens Spirit does – life changes in extraordinary ways.

  • The magic has room to exist because there is an acceptance of its presence.
  • Life takes on greater depth, joy and fulfillment as possibilities become new experiences.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself, your mistakes and your limited viewpoint as Spirit provides new perspectives on reality.

You are more than you think. Discover Spirit’s Perspective!

As always, all gatherings will be customized for those in attendance. (Please note this will be replacing our former Soul to Sole Training.)

Cornerstone Principles

  • Value – Each of us is valuable for who we are & what we are capable of
  • Respect – Is the key and foundation to living a harmonious life
  • Laughter – Learning to laugh at our selves is essential to take life lightly
  • Love – When pure love guides our actions & behaviors life is extraordinary

Our present understandings of life are often turned upside down for a brand new perspective – prepare to feel “Snow-Globed!” Visit glossary

It is always an exciting adventure to discover the new perspectives presented!


Class meets on the third Monday’s of each month

Dates: February 20, March 20, April 17, May 15, June 19…

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location: Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA

Abundance Exchange: $30

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Free Yourself From Distortions In Perception

New Jersey Class


Ready to Kick your Spiritual & Personal Growth into High Gear?

Patterns of behavior that seem unrelated to the naked eyes are Christi’s area of expertise! Come and experience for yourself how astounding the patterns of distortion can be. Learn about the clues to avoid self-sabotage, limitations and distortions of perception. Enjoy a whirlwind adventure to open new possibilities, experience greater opportunities and surpass where you have been!

How can you tell if you have distortions?

Clue #1: Feeling alone, isolated, or desiring more joy in your life are all clues that distortions exist.

Clue #2: Lacking clarity in your intuitive abilities is another hint.

Clue #3: Needing to justify, defend or prove yourself.

Clue #4: Taking things personal.

Clue #5: Triggered by how others respond.

Is it obvious that everyone has distortions in their perception?!

Blindspots that aren’t evident to ourselves affect our capacity to experience Love, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, and more. Since our intuition derives from a source of pure love, any distortions in our perception of self will directly impact and effect the clarity of our intuition.

Learn to:

  • Peel away hidden and disguised distortions that have been limiting your capacity to thrive, flourish & experience deeper love.
  • Expand your ability to identify what something is “not”
  • Purify your perception of Self-Love, Self-Confidence & Self-Trust
  • Deepen the clarity of your natural intuitive abilities
  • Other surprises Spirit has in store!

This fun class will include in class exercises, guided visualizations, interactive dialogue and practice assignments to do on your own. Together we will laugh at ourselves, enjoy Spirit’s humor and discover the joy of being who we are in our purest essence.

As always, class will be customized for those in attendance to create an optimal outcome for all!

Please bring a notebook and a bottle of water. While you can drink the water in class, it will also serve as a visual prop for you.


Class meets once a month, check our Event Calendar

Location: Rutgers University Inn & Conference Center, Rutgers University Inn & Conference Center, 178 Ryders Ln, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Abundance Exchange: $55

RSVP via phone or text 267-263-2747 or


Soul Wisdom Activated

Oneness – Spirit’s Perspective

Consider for a moment, that true oneness could mean the fullest expression of myself as a unique and beautiful individual. There is only one me that exists now and only one me that can express myself as I do. In this space of oneness, there is ample room for each person to be themselves fully expressed because the totality of each person in their fullest expression IS what creates the whole.

Think on this a moment, if Picasso did not accept his inherent and natural ability as an artist you would not know Picasso today. He was not the only painter who ever existed, he was simply Picasso expressing himself in his own way.

There are many other brilliant artists like Rembrandt, Georgia O’Keefe, Leonardo DaVinci, each one expressing their ability and capacity with their own unique eye for creativity, their own perspective. Yet through the opportunity to enjoy their individual perspective ALL are enhanced. All people can look through a new and different lens to view a new idea, concept and viewpoint.

Individuality IS Key THIS is what we mean when we speak of oneness. Trying to be a cookie cutter image of another person does not allow oneness to spread, instead it promulgates the concept of uniformity. Humans are not paper doll cutouts that all look the same.

It is part of your genetic make-up and composition to be unique.

You have different skin color, eye color, hair color, down to the very core of your cellular structure you are unique individuals, beautiful, imaginative and expressive in your own light. Much like the beautiful snowflakes which are each unique in their own beauty, so too are you. Together you make a snowball, but that snowball is comprised of many individual snowflakes all working in synchronicity and harmony to function as a snowball.