Thriving Cultivation Courses

These courses will teach you how to discover what your heart really wants and how to make changes to experience those new realities.

You will expand your perceptions and perspectives into brand new possibilities that will far surpass anything you used to think was possible.


Thriving Level 1: Creating A Thriving Mentality

During this course, you will learn how to decipher between your intentions and your expectations. You will learn how to get your brain on board with the new experiences you want to be having. Instead of focusing on anything outside yourself, you will learn how to include yourself in the process, how to identify what you want by understanding what you do not want. And most importantly, you will be learning how to work with spirit to activate the magic of divine intervention and synchronicity on your behalf.

Thriving Level 2: Dusting Off The Dreams Inside

During this course, you will learn how to restore the dreams lying dormant within, determine what matters to you and why you want to make the changes you think you desire. Together with Spirit you will learn how to clarify your destination, expand to accept more for yourself than any past limitations and practice creating small goals and living in the magic of divine intervention.

Thriving Level 3: Putting It Into Practice

Through group interaction, support and encouragement, you will learn how to more fully accept support from others. You will learn how to navigate through change and practice adapting to the new experiences. Discovering what you must be open to receiving in order to gently, lovingly and happily shift into living out loud. Also, you will learn how to practice using your own decision making abilities in bigger and more expanded ways.

Thriving Level 4: Churning The Soil

At this point, you will discover a combination of forward motion is needed, but more so a deeper delving into self – and so this course is going to powerfully guide you through and beyond any obstacles that are presenting themselves. With all the progress forward, disguised areas of sabotage, denial or restriction will be ready for a potent and powerful release. Think of this as a powerful spring cleaning, to prepare the soil for a new crop of seedlings to be planted.

Thriving Level 5: Pay It Forward

This course is specifically dedicated to those who want to reach further, wider and deeper. Whether your desire to pay it forward includes a large scale reach or just expanding your reach to strangers in the grocery market – this course is a powerful shift forward. Think of it as taking a giant leap ahead into unknown territory, one thought at a time, one new action at a time – but the totality of which means you have traveled like a puma or a jaguar.