Unearthing U™

Let Go Of The Person You Learned To Be & Unearth The Powerful Soul Within You!

  • Discover who you are and who you are not
  • Redefine your past by looking through a new lens
  • Open to your heart, its truth and the wisdom inside
  • Embrace yourself the way Spirit already does and always will

What Is the Unearthing U™ Process?

Our signature Unearthing U™ Process is a powerful layer by layer approach to uprooting belief systems that “you don’t know you don’t know” are preventing you from experiencing your full potential. We will guide you out of the past into the present by teaching you about your blind spots – and provide tools for you to implement change.

Why Is The Unearthing U™ Process So Powerful?

Because the Unearthing U™ Process was developed as a co-creation with The Guides, it is powerful, revolutionary and transformative. Spirit knows your full capabilities, passions and truth – so you are guided with clarity, precision and love to unearth the threads of belief preventing you from accepting your inherent potential and uniqueness.

The goal is to illuminate you from the inside out. By changing your relationship with yourself – all the other relationships in your life will begin to shift and alter because you will take different action.

Unearthing U™ 12-week Intensive Series

Our signature Unearthing U™ 12-Week Intensive Series is an accelerated program of spiritual excavation, which naturally provides life altering revelations, transformations and clarity about self.

  1. Uproot disguised misconceptions which keep you unknowingly punishing and diminishing yourself.
  2. Stretch the framework of your thinking so you can embrace and accept the life you know is possible to live, but which may currently feel unattainable.
  3. Discover falsehoods you currently believe about who you are and who you are not.
  4. Reveal blind spots preventing you from avoiding harm, pain and disappointment.
  5. Unearth the joyful, loving, powerful soul within you.

What Are The Benefits?

Freedom – To be yourself, to live your life with joy.
Acceptance – Of yourself, your capabilities and your life.
Internal Security – Feel confident in who you are and who you are not.
Trust – In yourself, so you feel safe making decisions and taking risks.
Love – Open to accepting, receiving and experiencing more of it.
Joy – Attain levels that enhance your everyday living.
Achieve – More than you knew or believed was possible for you to experience.

Over these 12-weeks you will peel away and unearth various layers of unconscious beliefs that continue to limit and stifle your inherent potential and uniqueness. If you are stuck in patterns of self-sabotage, procrastination, self-hate, or negativity and are unsure where to turn, this series will provide the life altering revelations, transformations and clarity you seek.

What Does The Course Include?

Each class incorporates teaching, in class participation, guided visualizations, and exercises as guided by Spirit. This course now includes an Unearthing U™ Student Manual with a creative toolbox.

As new techniques are developed, classes are reformulated to continually enhance the teaching, tools and exercises incorporated into each class. While investigating belief systems and emotions can feel challenging, a component of fun and creativity is now incorporated to ease the way.