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Christi International is a soul-centered organization dedicated to the advancement of Human Potentiality. We provide personal awareness education and training to live your potential.

Uncover your Divine Self, improve your relationships, especially the one with yourself, and fill your tool box with techniques to shed the layers that no longer serve you. By discovering – “what you don’t know you don’t know” – you will reveal blindspots in your perception that are blocking you and limiting your Soul to Source Connection. At Christi International, it’s always An Inside Job – which requires willingness, active participation and desire for spiritual growth.

We educate you, provide tools and teach YOU how to make the changes that your heart longs for. Our curriculum is designed to guide you to discover what those changes are. We teach you to make healthier and happier choices for yourself, we offer tools to help you navigate through new territory and we will support, encourage and inspire you forward.

We will not make any choices or decisions for you. So if you want to know what you are “supposed to do” you won’t get that answer from us! We empower you to ascertain that from your own heart and its guidance, as well as teach you how to connect with your own soul’s guidance to support you forward.

Creating change in your life is an inside job.

You will need willingness, openness and desire to help yourself – this is a process. We developed a step by step method to support your success – so that you have a solid foundation to build on, allowing you to shine and share your natural talents and abilities.

Igniting your desire to PAY IT FORWARD for the betterment of Humanity.

Whether you are a newbie or a well-studied spiritual and personal growth veteran, you are at the right place. Our clients consistently tell us – they’ve never met anyone who does what we do. Welcome, we are so glad you found us!

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Glossary of Terms. As you browse through our content for the first time, you’ll probably come across a lot of new terminology. Our work is groundbreaking, and we’ve been guided to use specific and often new language to fully communicate our teachings. We’ve created a handy glossary so you can keep track of all our key terms. Visit the Glossary.

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2. Get to Know Us and Our Teachings

About Us. Read all about what we do, who we are, and how we work here.

Our Approach. Read our unique philosophy and approach to this work here.

Meet Christi & Pete. Learn more about the dynamic duo here.

The Guides. All of our work happens in partnership with The Guides. “The Guides” is our term for the collective of wise, spirit-based energies available to us. Learn more about The Guides here.


3. Discover Your Soul’s Path of Service

We offer powerful programs and classes to help you uncover your Divine Self and live your Soul’s Path of Service.

Spiritual Development Programs

Our in-depth spiritual development programs are truly the heart of our teachings at Christi International. Through intensive and supportive teachings, tools, and trainings, you’ll shed the layers that no longer serve you and illuminate the glowing Divine Self that permanently resides within.

Visit our Programs Overview page.

Classes, Workshops, and Seminars

In addition to our core spiritual development programs, we also offer a variety classes and workshops to support you on your path.

Private Sessions

Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions with Christi are a powerful way to receive personalized guidance from Spirit. Individual sessions are powerful and transformative, as Christi and The Guides assist you in rapidly delving into the heart of your concerns, uncovering your blind spots, and illuminating your hidden gifts. Your session will include messages from The Guides, interactive dialogue, and tools for transformation. Learn more.

Monthly Classes

There is a world of difference which exists between Spirit’s Perspective & our own! When we begin to perceive ourselves through the crystal clear lens Spirit does – life changes in extraordinary ways.

All teachings and training are tailored to those in attendance.

  • Learn more about our Spirit’s Perspective on Love, Life & Laughter Classes here.
  • Learn more about our Free Yourself From Distortions in Perception Classes here.
  • Check our Calendar of Events for more.


4. Become A Steward For Humanity

We are spear-heading a collective effort to create a better tomorrow today! Together we share a vision of a world where every human being is valued, respected & accepted. At our core we are intuitive, heart-centered and aware of a presence beyond ourselves which guides us.

United we are pioneering the way forward to turn our vision into reality. Each of us focusing on one piece of a giant puzzle through meditation, visualization, energy healing, prayer, etc. While actively practicing the art of becoming examples for innovative  paradigms that support ALL of Humanity.

  • ​Become A Steward here.



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