Tools for Change

All of our products are Tools for Change, created with Love to teach you how to release old paradigms, thoughts and beliefs so that new empowering ones can be embraced. You will find that many of our tools build on each other. We always suggest that you find the ones that resonate with your heart at this time, for it knows what you need best!

All of our products are also available for wholesale. If you are interested in carrying our lines at your store, yoga studio, or wellness center, please contact us for more information.





Cultivating U™ Teachings

Our Cultivating U™ Series of Teachings with The Guides Booklets are potently packed with information to help us all embrace our Divinity in grander ways. Born Divine Beings, we sometimes forget the Truth of our Nature in our daily living. Inside each package you will find a teaching booklet with a companion CD of guided meditations educating about how to accept deeper Truths into our lives. Our topic oriented series, provides bite size nuggets of knowledge that are easier to digest and implement. Along with Teachings from The Guides, and Exercises to practice, you will find Christi’s life experience is presented as an illustration to better understand and apply the techniques for yourself.

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Cultivating Hearts Apparel™

Our Cultivating Hearts Apparel™ is intended to enhance ones ability to accept and embrace a deeper and truer sense of self. Each garment has been Divinely infused with potent energy vibrations from The Guides so that while you sleep and are relaxed, these vibrations can deepen your capacity to expand and accept them within. Since wearing our apparel is like being embraced by the Love of The Guides, the benefits are endless – some people even prefer to include them as part of their daily wardrobe.

Each design element from the fabric choice, to the colors and the designs themselves have been selected in accordance with The Guides direction to ensure you receive the maximum benefit. Our apparel is Earth Friendly, made with 100% organic cotton and water-based inks.

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The Guides White Paper™ Series

Our series of The Guides White Papers™ are power packed teachings with exercises, in a workbook style. These mini-books may appear small, but their impact is potent indeed. Some of these teachings present revolutionary concepts providing a new ideas and possibilities to consider. Each book includes teachings from The Guides as well as questions by Christi with answers from The Guides, exercises to practice and space to keep track of your very own progress.

The Guides asked that we call these White Papers because in our world, white papers are authoritative reports that provide information about a specific issue or topic.

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Gift Certificates For Private Sessions

Looking for a unique gift? Give your loved one a private session! $75 for half hour or $150 for 1 hour.
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