45 Days – Table of Contents

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Day 1: I Am Divine

Day 2: When I Move Forward The Obstacles In My Way Present Themselves

Day 3: What I Feel Afraid Of Prevents Me From Moving Forward

Day 4: I Don’t Have To Know Everything Today

Day 5: A Bit More Self-Support

Day 6: Being True To Me Is Easier Than I Think

Day 7: When I Matter Most To Me Everyone Benefits

Day 8: When I Make Myself A Priority I Have More Of Myself To Share

Day 9: Removing Guilt That Accompanies Self-Care

Day 10: Is This My Responsibility?

Day 11: How Am I Holding Myself Hostage To What I Learned

Day 12: How Do I Treat Me Like Dad Did?

Day 13: How Do I Treat Me Like Mom Did?

Day 14: Getting Out Of Autopilot

Day 15: Defining The Impossible