Day 1: I Am Divine

Today’s focus is on the Truth, who I am is Divine.

What does it mean to be Divine?

To be Divine means that you are a sacred being, someone who is worthy, loving, pure and even innocent. But our life experiences move us away from accepting this as truth. However, just because you may have moved away from accepting it, doesn’t mean it is no longer true. Likewise you may know this is true, but not fully be able to accept it. Or you might find, that sometimes you do accept this and other times you are unable to.

Think for a moment of a newborn baby. Most often we swoon at their preciousness, their purity and their innocence. Gently protecting their small heads, holding them so tenderly because they are unable to hold them up for themselves. That precious innocent and pure infant was once you. This is the aspect of self that you are going to begin to connect with. This is the purest version of you, but with all the knowledge you have today since you are no longer an infant.

You are uniquely special. You were born with talents, gifts and abilities that are remarkable. You will always be uniquely special. Anything that tells you otherwise is simply a belief. Beliefs become our personal truths, but they are not always rooted in truth. Sometimes our beliefs are based on our perceptions instead of the truth.

How can you move forward into accepting the truth that you are Divine and uniquely special?

That’s what this program is for – to begin to create a foundation, so that you can accept the truth, that you have always been divine and uniquely special. No matter what you discover about your perceptions, viewpoints and personal understandings – this will always be the core truth underneath it all. You have always been Divine and uniquely special.

Today’s exercise is to practice telling yourself, I am Divine – as often as you can, so it becomes easier to accept the truth for the truth that it is.

Notice how it feels and what happens inside of you each time you say it. Is there a part of you arguing with this Truth?

If you notice any resistance to accepting I am Divine, remember this is to be expected, but know you are doing a great job, because the obstacles in your way are presenting themselves. Be sure to make some notes because these obstacles are what will need to be addressed. No matter what you experience, make some notes about what is happening inside of you – your thoughts, feelings, and the ideas or memories that pop in. How you feel as you say the words I am Divine? Where do you feel it in your body? What words or thoughts follow this statement? What are you telling yourself after you say “I am Divine”? If you protest, what do you think you are instead?

As often as you can today, continue to tell yourself I am Divine.

To help you organize your thoughts and experiences, use this section below as a guide.

  1. How did you feel as you said the words, “I AM Divine”?
  2. Was there a part of you arguing with this statement? If so, what did you tell yourself?
  3. Was there anything else you observed as you continued practicing this exercise throughout the day?