Day 2: When I Move Forward The Obstacles In My Way Present Themselves

Today’s focus is the upside of obstacles.

When we focus on accepting the Truth or are moving forward, the obstacles in our way always present themselves because they are ready for release. Let us say this again, because it is a very powerful point, when we are moving forward the obstacles in our way always present themselves. Think of it this way, if a huge dumpster were in the middle of the road would it bother me? Not if I were walking down the street, or going down another avenue. I would not care that it was there and might not even notice it. However, if I were driving down the street and a huge dumpster was in the middle of the road, it would certainly be in my way because I am trying to drive beyond it.

Our personal growth is the same way, when we begin to move forward we are bringing our attention and awareness into focus to observe what is in our way, therefore it always presents itself. And actually, we want it to present itself so that it is no longer hidden or disguised in our unconscious mind.

Our desire to move forward evokes the Divine Presence to support us to get there. The first step we need to clarify, is that recognizing the obstacles in your way is a good thing, it is one way you are being supported. Typically, however – when this happens, people tend to be unkind with themselves or think they are going backwards. Keep in mind, when any obstacle is hidden you cannot address it, correct it or change it.

In this way, awareness is always the key to creating any change in our lives.

When you practiced saying, “I am Divine” yesterday, what obstacles did you notice? Specifically when you realized there was resistance to accepting this, what did you discover was your objection?

Take a moment to look back at your notes from yesterday to see – what was the internal phrase or go to idea that was your objection to accepting the phrase “I AM Divine”? Then write it down below:

  • My internal objection to accepting I AM Divine was..

Sometimes people compartmentalize their self-doubt, without recognizing the very same doubt shows up in other areas of life. For today, now that you have clarity of yesterday’s objection – you are going to observe where the same objection from yesterday shows up in other areas of your life.

For example, if yesterday you noticed sometimes you said, I am not Divine – and followed it with – I am mean. Just notice today, when do you tell yourself you are mean? What is going on at the time? Are you at work, with friends, with your significant other? Are there any other “go to” phrases, thoughts or ideas that you continually attach to being mean? Use this chart below to help organize your observations.

REMEMBER – without becoming aware of what is going on inside of ourselves nothing can be improved. This is not an exercise to judge or beat on yourself – it is an exercise to bring awareness and recognition to your inside voice. The more you are able to notice what you are telling yourself, the better you are doing – how you feel about what you discover is a matter for another day. For today, allow yourself permission to observe your inside thoughts, feelings and ideas.

  1. My go to phrase was…
  2. This was happening at the time…
  3. I also noticed I added this phrase, thought, or idea…