Family Gathering

How To Optimize Family Gatherings

The holidays for a lot of people are a mixed bag of happiness, fun, and laughter with lots of food plus the customary eruption of historic family unrest. Let’s make this year an extra happy one by learning how to harness the love and influence within you. So that you can positively uplift the energy of your environment.

All too often the most sensitive of souls withdraw and hide in the background becoming invisible so as not to upset the apple cart. The trouble is by doing that your much needed energy retreats because you’re in self-protection mode and here is where a very punishing blindspot exists! 

The Blindspot Being Revealed

What you think is protecting you is harming you. At these moments you’re in survival mode. Thinking that the less of you showing up is better, when more of you is needed to positively influence what’s going on. 

This is a youthful pain point being revealed. An area where you learned to diminish yourself and internalize the chaos. So you’ll feel like a seed blown in the wind instead of the wind blowing the seed. 

What To Do Instead

This year it’s time for you to create a powerful shift for yourself and your loved ones by fully being yourself. So, when dysfunctional patterns arise – stop defending, end blaming and cease any need to be right. 

Instead, let the love inside you flow fully through your body. Let it expand to create a wide energy perimeter and surround that edge with a transmuting ray of pure love. So that love is fully present. And focus your attention on allowing the love to call forth love from within every one around you. 

This call to action isn’t about forcing anyone to be different. Instead, it’s holding space of pure acceptance so there’s room for love to be present. To gently melt away the barriers any pain was keeping in place. 

Respect The Influence You Have

You’re much more influential than you give yourself credit for! Let this holiday season provide you with opportunities to see the positive impact you’re capable of having. As you allow your loving heart and soul to easily uplift and elevate your experiences with those you love.

Wishing you a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving from our hearts to yours,

Christi and Pete