Propel Yourself Forward

Learn How To Propel Yourself Forward

Get the straight up truth and discover what’s preventing you from propelling forward. You’re smart, you’ve got a ton of knowledge and you know better – so what’s blocking you from getting there? Blindspots! Those pesky areas where you don’t know what you don’t know. Otherwise you’d be smoothly sailing ahead. 

So stop punishing yourself and berating you for getting stuck and consider it’s time to accept some support from a guide who can help you see what you can’t see for yourself. 

Our Inner Clarity Coaching helps people reveal their blindspots to develop the clarity needed to propel forward. Whether that’s for you personally, your relationship, or professionally – understanding what’s going on within yourself is the ultimate key to clarity.

You Are Not The Problem

When you’re stuck it’s easy to misidentify the problem as yourself. Instead of the situation. When that happens you’re revealing a history of inner sabotage, self-blame and hidden roots of pain. How do I know? You think you are the problem. 

The more you heap blame on yourself the less you’ll be able to problem solve because your focus is on the wrong thing. People aren’t ever the problem – behavior patterns, mental frameworks, perceptions, emotional instability, negative thoughts, punishing concepts – those are problems. Not who a person actually is.

When a person is deemed the problem their innate value plummets as insecurity and instability take root. Along with fear, feelings of not being good enough and worry about what the future holds. 

Moving forward requires addressing one’s inner lens to understand what information is being processed. Learning where value is placed. And using tools to unravel blindspots that are foundational. Because deeply rooted patterns that have become normalized now preventing awareness that there’s a better way. 

That’s why Pete and I developed this 12-week Intensive Course –

Get Out of Old Ruts & Propel Yourself Forward

You’ll learn:

  • How to take initiative to let in the good you deserve – which requires uprooting blocks that limit you from accepting the best and optimal path of you.
  • How to undo restriction and limitation in the mind. Get your brain on an open, receptive, and flourishing track so you live your best life.
  • How to take charge and take action to get what you want and to surpass even that – which requires addressing past hurts, disappointments and other people’s impact on you.
  • How to sharpen and optimize the impact you have on others so that your relationships deepen and expand the quality of love you bring forth – which requires clearing emotional clogs that stifle your capacity to give and receive pure love.

Together we’ll peel back the layers of blindspots that prevent the best you from showing up!

Assignments will be in and outside of class. Be prepared to stretch your comfort zone in a safe, support and nurturing environment.

If you’re ready to propel yourself forward this is a class you won’t want to miss! It’s the only time we’ll be offering this class in this format.

Hope you’ll join us on this exciting adventure!

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