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I begin my mornings receiving the full support, wisdom, and pure love of my soul. Here’s your chance to get the inside scoop by reading one of our recent conversations:

Soul Speak

Christi you’ve had a lifetime of training to speak soul, to hear and feel and decipher the multiple layers of meaning in everything. You’ve literally been coached and educated to understand each layer – one at a time and been prompted to ask questions. In fact, you’ve been directly manipulated so you learned how to ask appropriate questions and not accept any information at face value. 

As a result you perceive the world in ways that other people don’t. And it’s been deliberate. So that you could share the knowledge and wisdom with other people. Every soul has something powerful to contribute for the greater good.

Right now your world is demonstrating just how impactful each person is on others – through the virus and it’s contagion. For example, one person in NY who attended a house of worship, went to work and tended to daily life – brought the virus to so many people an entire neighborhood was put under quarantine and the National Guard was called up.

But what if people thought about that the way we see it? What if people understood that’s the power of their impact with their words, their actions and their emotions? What if people finally realized no one is insignificant and everyone has an important role to play in their interactions with others? Do you think that instead of panic and fear and hysteria – people could see that here? 

Do you think they could fathom a positive outgrowth from this devastating experience? I mean it’s like each time you were diagnosed with cancer – you were terrified would I die? How much life do I have left?

This second bout really threw you for a loop – more so than anything you’ve ever experienced and you were taught to navigate the intense fear and terror by shifting gears to focus on the outgrowth. Accepting you couldn’t change the reality that you had cancer a second time – but you could go for treatment and you could anchor something positive for yourself. Or you could focus on crap. 

The Questions

What did you do?

I took that advice and I used it. I practiced” the 10 minute rule.” I gave myself 10 minutes to feel the multitude of feelings inside myself. Sometimes I wrote them down, or cried, or screamed or just let my thoughts run wild with the fear inside me. And then after 10 minutes I took a deep breath, did the Soul Stretch™ and then said, “Cancer isn’t going to steal today!” And lived. 

So you allowed yourself time to feel the messy feelings and then you changed gears. And when you needed to express or process more emotion, you gave yourself another 10 minutes. Then, switched gears again. Correct?

Yes. By expressing the feelings in short bursts, I let out the pressure. Like a soda bottle shaken up. No one wants to open that bottle and create a mess. I let out a little fizz at a time so that releasing the plethora of emotions was manageable.

And how did you anchor something forward in a positive way?

I thought about how I wanted my life to be focused on making the difference I was here to make and imagined planting seeds forward. So that on the other side of treatment I was moving in a positive direction. 

And how did you do that? 

Mentally I focused on the quality of life I wanted to experience on the other side. I thought about being able to walk again and enjoy each day. How I’d feel so happy just to be alive and do regular stuff – like cook a meal or bake muffins. And I repeatedly reminded myself that this was temporary because I kept getting stuck in questions about the unknown. I needed to keep telling myself – “this is temporary” because it didn’t feel that way. The facts and my feelings were velcroed together and were distorting my perception. 

And how did you stay positive to function?

I focused on the value of my life and the value of life in general. I thought about my ability to make a difference in the lives of others. And refused to accept this was the end. I used “The Art of Refusal” to my benefit and harnessed all my energy in as positive a direction as I could muster. Then, I picked myself up from my bootstraps everyday, forced myself out of bed, and went about changing people’s lives. 

And do you think that’s information other people could benefit from now? Now when they are fearful and terrified and uncertain about what the future holds?

I suppose so. 

What if we asked you to share your experience and our conversation just like this – rawly, so they can see how you work. How you start everyday with support, guidance, and tools to help yourself. What if by providing an example of what you do, people could learn from it to feel supported like you do? Do you think that would make a difference?

Can you show me the impact it would have?

If only one person implemented the tools you use, their life would be positively impacted. And that would be worth it. But what if 10 people were helped? Do you know what that would do for human consciousness?

It would begin to bring a small semblance of calm, peace and it could start to quell the fear – and as one person’s fear is quelled, it impacts another, and then another and instead of contagion of a disease, you begin to set in motion a contagion of reassurance, support and a better way forward by providing an example of how you navigate times of adversity. And we know you’ve had more than your fair share of adversity – so you’re more than well equipped to provide wisdom now.

So will you share this as it is?