Truth Emanating

A Prayer of Truth: Let The True You Shine

by The Guides

Truth is being revealed everywhere. At this time, we ask that all lightworkers, heart-centered people and open minded persons are able to take just 10-15 seconds daily to focus attention on this prayer:

A Prayer of Truth

May my heart be an open vessel to allow pure love to enter

May my mind be an open charter for truth

May my words speak love, truth and honor with respect for all living beings

May my soul remember the core reason for being

May my time on earth be a blessing to myself and others

Allow Pure Love To Take RootAs I embody this reality for myself I choose to anchor this reality for all others

Through my love, my heart, my mind and my soul I am a vessel for the purity of all to be recognized in their magnificence.

I begin with myself so that I may serve as a model of truth and pure love.

Spirit, guide me to be the truest, purest and most loving me I am capable of being in your eyes.

Through your perspective guide me to accept myself as you already do

Teach me gently, lovingly, and openly to be the blessing you already know I am capable of being

Lastly, with grace as my guide allow me to walk the path of love in all ways always.

And so it is.

Allow Pure Love to Enter

With our deepest respect to all humanity, there are potentially turbulent times ahead because of the energy that is out of alignment with love. In order for the world to unite in love, the places, spaces and areas where ‘not love’ is predominant must be revealed. This process can feel as uncomfortable as shaking up a soda bottle and opening it all at once.

To guide the way with ease and grace, we ask that you are willing to embrace yourselves with more gentle, compassionate love. Know that you are a blessing, that your love is needed and that it too is purifying – as all love on the earth is purifying into a more innocent, gentle and graceful love. 

Love is EverywhereTrue love – or pure love, from our vantage point, is kind. This aspect of love in itself is the core which has been absent on the world stage. As greed, power, and other human qualities have warped the clarity and purity of love in the seeking of more power, money and greed – the purity of love, it’s ever present generosity, and it’s infinite gentleness have been forgotten.

The recall of the purity of love, the kindness, the compassion, the grace, the warmest embrace of support are all essential at this time. We hope with joy and gratitude that our prayer will be one you can speak often, embrace in your hearts and embody in your daily living.

YOU have the power within to create calmer waves forward.

And to ensure the path forward is one of gentleness, but it requires your willingness to participate actively to be the vessel for love you are capable of being.

Remember this – every person is a vital cog in the wheel of humanity. The more deeply each person chooses to anchor the purity of love, the more gentle the changes in the future can and will be.

YOU are the ones you need now. YOU are the ones who are already creating changes in the path before you.

Be the truest, purest you that you can be. That is where the grace of Love is the purest. And so it is.


With Our Deepest Love And Gratitude,

We Are With You Always.

5 Responses to “A Prayer of Truth: Let The True You Shine”

  1. We are Blessed to be in our circle and understand the importance of understanding ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER.
    Thanks for the Great job you and Pete are doing sharing the message

  2. Thank you soo very much for sharing “The Prayer of Truth” it is Beautiful and just what I needed. I would also like to Thank both of you for being such a special part of our lives. I miss and think of you both often.
    Much Love, Jennifer Weeber

    • Happy to hear the prayer was timely! Spirit always knows. We miss you guys too and hope to see you soon!