About Us

“We Begin With The Self To Impact The World”

Christi International Motto

Christi International is a personal and spiritual development company that provides one stop shopping for Inner Clarity and is is based in Doylestown, PA.

We focus on revealing inner blindspots – things you don’t know you don’t know – to cultivate inner leadership, personal empowerment, self-accountability, and personal authority to help you maximize your potential. Through our personalized group classes, lectures, private coaching, and DIY Tools you’ll learn how to: become a better you, overcome obstacles, create stronger and healthier relationships, discover hidden assets, and build yourself up from the core of your inner foundation – so that the best you is at the helm of your life!

Hi, we’re Christi & Pete, the dynamic team.

Here to guide you inward.

When you look at our picture you’ll see how happy we are today, but life wasn’t always like that for us. We took the long route toward each other and had to surpass many obstacles to find true and lasting love. Turned out, we were too full of internal clutter to have met any sooner. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping others free themselves from themselves!

Whether you’re single, married, divorced, separated, widowed or something else – at the end of the day we all need love, companionship and to belong. Our clients are like us, with a deep desire for self-optimization and inner-exploration for the purpose of elevating our quality of love, happiness and life to show up as our best selves.

We’re the proof in the pudding that Inner Clarity is an on-going process of stretching our framework, peeling back the next layers of the past that are in our way, and growing forward into versions of ourselves that surpass our wildest imagination. We’re constantly learning, so our toolbox continues expanding in tune. 

You’ll discover we’re super personal, so it’s easy to connect with us. Besides, we’re both a bit goofy and we love to laugh, especially at ourselves when we’ve discovered we were our own problem! So you’ll feel right at home delving within your Self. We’ll always invite you inward, because It’s An Inside Job around here!

About Christi Maybo

An Intuitive Powerhouse.  Born with innate abilities. I’ve got well-chiseled intuitive muscles that I’ve developed and continue to hone daily. I literally zoom in with rapid fire speed to detect blindspots.

I’ll take a stand for you and ask you to look at the Truth so you aren’t hidden from you. If you’ve tucked away your best traits from yourself it doesn’t matter how awesome I think you are. At the end of the day you’ll feel limited because you are – by you. You need someone courageous and brave enough to stop you from harming yourself.  Here’s what I bring to the table.

Warrior Spirit. Thanks to years of training in TaeKwonDo. Those tenants shaped my foundation: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. And yes, in case you’re wondering I attained a black belt. But, I’m retired now.

Spunk. Chutzpah. And guts. I go into the trenches no holds barred. I’ve served in political office as a Councilwoman and ran for Mayor twice. Setting a record as the youngest woman elected in town history. With that experience under my belt I profoundly understand the power and influence every person is capable of. The Chief of Police once said he’d never met anyone with my spunk. And he’d served in military battle. All I can say is, I’m unique and feisty in the best ways!

Stubborn. Fierce. Resilient. In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it saved my life. I learned how to use those traits to my benefit instead of against myself. Pete taught me how to let love in, how to open my heart to receive what I deserved, and how to be myself. Now we’re happily married.

Resourceful. Quirky. Resolute. Both of my parents are deceased. So I know intimately the grief that accompanies loss, the pain that endures, and the ability to get to the other side. I’ve also learned that our loved ones now have access to knowledge they didn’t in their living years. As a result, they understand their impact in newfound ways that weren’t previously possible. So they want to correct the course of their legacy to be more positive whenever we’ll let them.

Entrepreneur: When my father died unexpectedly I was left to run his small consumer advocacy business despite lacking training. To say that was hard is an understatement, but it prepared me to one day run my own business. One I know intimately! Phew, what an easy task in comparison.

The Formalities: I earned a B.A. from Rider University with dual majors in Political Science and Psychology. And I obtained a M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University with concentrations in Leadership and Human Rights. I’ve met dignitaries, diplomats, politicians, and other heads of state – all of which taught me the most important element every person needs is a solid sense of Self. With inner leadership every person has the power and influence to uplift and elevate others. And that is how the world improves – with each person actively choosing to use their influence for the greater good!

About Pete Maybo

Sometimes you’ll get the added bonus of Pete’s wisdom.

Pete’s an expert at understanding relationships. Helping people from all walks of life more deeply recognize how hidden patterns influence the ways they relate to others. He brings a practicality to the table that’s hard to match. You’ll find brilliant tidbits of his in our DIY programs. And he pops in to share nuggets of wisdom, male perspective, or another talent of his on an as needed basis.

We’re both avid learners and students of life so we’re always continuing to evolve and grow… advancement is the norm here.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to uplift humanity by providing Inner Clarity Training & Coaching.

A better you translates into a better world. With Inner Clarity Training & Coaching you’ll learn how to become a better self, one that surpasses your wildest imagination. Through that process you’ll learn how to communicate clearer, build stronger relationships, and discover what your one-of-a-kind talent is. Then, you’ll recognize you have something priceless to share. With clarity about your personal contribution toward the greater good, you’ll help uplift humanity and create a better tomorrow today!


Friendly Reminder:

You’re more precious than any inanimate object will ever be! The world’s in desperate need of what you have to offer. We can’t turn the corner, raise consciousness or get ahead without you. You’re too important. A vital and essential puzzle piece in the cosmic web to get us where we can go. 

That’s the beauty of developing Inner Clarity, it becomes obvious – we need each other! All of us working in harmony because each person has access to a different puzzle piece to create a better path for humanity.

That vision you have. The feelings that tell you, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Your innate sense of a better way – those are your clues – you’re essential. You’ve got something priceless to share. Every person makes a difference! 1+1+1+1 →

The Christi International Creed

The core philosophy the company was founded on:

“We begin with the Self to Impact the World.”

  • Compassion for self and others
  • Honor of self and others
  • Respect and reciprocity
  • Integrity in what is said and done
  • Service to self and others
  • Trust & Truth, the cornerstone of all
  • I am, the self and the individual

Inner clarity is the crucial key to your happiness, quality of life and success.  So “We always begin with the Self to Impact the World.” It’s the key ingredient in all our services!