About Christi

An Intuitive Powerhouse.  Born with innate abilities. I’ve got well-chiseled intuitive muscles that I’ve developed and continue to hone daily. I literally zoom in with rapid fire speed to understand what’s going on. And detect blindspots.

Translating and finding the right language so you have the same crystal clarity is where it takes time. I’m a fierce advocate for your value. Which means I’ll take a stand for you and ask you to look at the Truth. So you aren’t hidden from you. If you’ve tucked away your best traits from yourself it doesn’t matter how awesome I think you are. At the end of the day you’ll feel limited because you are – by you. You need someone courageous and brave enough to stop you from harming yourself. So here’s what I bring to the table.

Warrior Spirit. Thanks to years of training in TaeKwonDo. Those tenants shaped my foundation: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. And yes, in case you’re wondering I attained a black belt. But, I’m retired now.

Spunk. Chutzpah. And guts. I go into the trenches no holds barred. I’ve served in political office as a Councilwoman and ran for Mayor twice. Setting a record as the youngest woman elected in town history. If I could survive that, I could survive almost anything. The Chief of Police once said, he’d never met anyone with my spunk. And he’d served in military battle. All I can say is I was born with a moral compass that is deep.

Stubborn. Fierce. Resilient. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it saved my life. I learned how to use those traits to my benefit instead of against myself. Pete taught me how to let love in, how to open my heart to receive what I deserved, and how to be myself. Now we’re happily married.

Resourceful. Quirky. Resolute. Both of my parents are deceased. So I know intimately the grief that accompanies loss. The pain that endures. And the ability to get to the other side. I’ve also learned that our loved ones now have access to knowledge they didn’t in their living years. As a result, they understand their impact in newfound ways that weren’t previously possible. So they want to course-correct their legacy, to be more positive whenever we’ll let them.

Entrepreneur: When my father died unexpectedly I was left to run his small business despite lacking training. To say that was hard is an understatement, but it prepared me to one day run my own business. One I know intimately! Phew, what an easy task in comparison.

The formalities: I earned a BA from Rider University with dual majors in Political Science and Psychology. And I obtained a MA in Diplomacy and International Relations, with concentrations in Leadership and Human Rights. I’ve also volunteered as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for foster children.

About Pete

Sometimes you’ll get the added bonus of Pete’s wisdom.

Pete’s an expert at understanding relationships. Helping people from all walks of life more deeply recognize how hidden patterns influence the ways they relate to others. He brings a practicality to the table that’s hard to match. You’ll find brilliant tidbits of his in our DIY programs. And he pops in to share nuggets of wisdom, male perspective or another talent of his on an as needed basis.

We’re both avid learners and students of life so we’re always continuing to evolve and grow… advancement is the norm here.

Our Mission

To establish a positive foundation for humanity to embrace a win-win-win paradigm. Where connection with your soul is natural. So each person can accept, respect and value themselves. Where being in integrity with oneself is normal and commonplace. Because that’s how we change the world…one person at a time. It’s an inside job to get to the outside!

Everyone is born with intuition. But, what good is having an intuitive compass if your ability to trust yourself is eroded because you don’t know how it works or it scares you? Imagine being stranded in the middle of no-where next to a running car that you can’t use because you don’t know how. Not helping you any!

4 Main Goals

  1. Provide education and tools to clear out the clutter blocking direct access to your soul. That’s your innate intuitive nature which has immense wisdom and crystal clarity. Then, you’ll trust yourself. Make better choices and decisions. Have a more positive impact.
  2. Train you how to identify, hone, and develop your Soul/Sole skills. To benefit self and others. “Your Soul knows your sole skills.” You’re the only one whose got them. And the world needs you to share them.
  3. Create a Mindfulness Program for public and private schools that includes: one part global citizenship, one part mindfulness and one part intuitive nurturing to foster the natural soul connections that children are born with.
  4. Establish a respectable foundation for Soul Development as an Industry. With best practices. Essential training for practitioners. Annual gatherings. Networking Opportunities.

The Christi International Creed

CI Creed

The core philosophy the company was founded on:

“We begin with the Self to Impact the World.”

  • Compassion for self and others
  • Honor of self and others
  • Respect and reciprocity
  • Integrity in what is said and done
  • Service to self and others
  • Trust & truth, the cornerstone of all
  • I am, the self and the individual

When we embody the changes we want to experience in the world around us, we become role models for new behaviors. Accepting it in ourselves translates into naturally sharing it with others. Then the creative ingenuity of our Soul guides us how to make a more positive contribution. It’s not enough to want change, we must be willing to do the work required to embody the change. So we always begin with the Self to Impact the World. It’s the key ingredient in everything we do!