Accountability Blindspots

Accountability Blindspots

Accountability sounds like a scary word when you aren’t crystal clear in its definition. Yet, this simple word is the difference between being stuck and taking action.

I’m not talking about blame, shame, or finger-pointing. That’s something different. I’m focused on owning responsibility for your role as the leader of your own life. As in no one but me can move me forward to optimize myself and my life. In other words, the buck stops here.

When you own accountability that you have a role in every situation in your life and recognize that blindspots will get in your way – you’re armed with essential knowledge to move forward.

Owning Accountability 

When you own accountability for your Self, you’ll be aware that feelings of frustration, aggravation, or stuck-ness are clues a blindspot is in your way. Because you aren’t able to identify where your accountability is tied up with burdensome responsibility for others. 

Yea that sticky place where you’ve mistakenly taken on the burdens of someone else’s neglect or irresponsibility. Now you’re trapped feeling helpless and hopeless. That’s just because accountability isn’t properly assigned to the respective parties involved.

The Truth

The Truth is easy: you aren’t accountable for someone else’s neglect or irresponsibility. So it’s not okay to define who you are or what you deserve based on how you’ve been treated. Doing so reveals a sore spot of inward blame, shame, and finger-pointing. And that’s why some people fear accountability. It’s misapplied against oneself. Instead of serving as the motivating force of clarity to move forward.  

I’ve been seeing too many people lately who are stuck in this accountability blindspot trap. And it stems from a history of not receiving the quality of support they deserved in their lives. So it feels awkward admitting the truth – that you were impacted by someone else’s neglect and irresponsibility. Yet that acknowledgement is the first key to free yourself from bondage. Otherwise you’ll unknowingly be accepting more ugly experiences based on how you were treated instead of who you are and what you deserve. 

Your Trusted Ally

Remember you have me in your corner to help you unravel the clutter so you don’t have to stay stuck or feel alone and isolated. Please don’t continue to struggle when you don’t have to. I’m here to help support you and ensure you have the inner clarity that you need.

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