Allow Angelic Presence of Compassion to Comfort Your Fears, Worries & Concerns

Divine Compassion

Dearest Ones,

There is much change, transformation and transition occurring for many at this time. As you embark on new journeys and experience the transitions of those around you, be ever mindful to allow the angelic presence of compassion to comfort your fears, worries and concerns and to assist with your forward movement.

Many times when you are encouraging yourself to move forward, you unknowingly do so with a steadfastness that can be void of compassion for yourself. When we say compassion, we mean a gentle, loving, nurturing, kind acceptance of yourself for who you are as you are. We mean an openness for your worry, fear and concern and a space which allows for our loving guidance and protection to open new possibilities and doorways for the ease of your forward movement.

Please rest assured, we will always provide loving support and guidance at all times.

We are here to be of service to humanity and to receive your loving gratitude in return. Make no mistake about it, our relationship is reciprocal.

We respect, love and admire you – much like you respect, love and admire us. Our relationship is precisely that – it is a two-way street, just like your relationships on earth. There is always a reciprocity that is part of our journey. Please remember we too are learning gloriously from you as well!

And so it is!

With Deepest Love, Respect and Admiration,
We Are With You Always.