Are You Reacting or Responding to Life – Teachings from the Masters of Light

As we begin to say goodbye to 2013, we can also use this moment as a time to say goodbye to many of the old beliefs and/or belief systems that are no longer serving us. This release of the old is a great way to create the space and foster the energies of a new year full of endless possibilities, experiences and opportunities for growth.

This month’s Masters of Light Teachings at Circle of Miracles looked in-depth at one of those old aspects of self – our unconscious survival mechanisms. We are reacting to life and our experiences instead of responding to them when these survival mechanisms are activated. Unfortunately, these reactions often make us feel overwhelmed, frustrated and powerless.


What Is The Survival Mechanism?

A survival mechanism is when you revert to an old pattern and reaction from the past, where you wanted and needed one thing, but did not receive it.

Some examples to help you understand when you are in survival mode include:

Old Pattern = Old Reaction
When you do not feel SAFE You seek CONTROL
When you do not feel LOVED You seek APPROVAL
When you do not feel ACCEPTED You seek PAIN, HURT & PUNISHMENT

This Seeking reaction can take place in 2 directions, as you seek to recreate the old pattern:
Control of others or to be controlled
Approval of others or to disapprove of others
To create pain, etc for others or yourself


How Do I Know If I Am In Survival Mode?

Typically, this old programmed survival mode will bring about feelings that are more reminiscent of a 7-year old rather than the adult YOU.

You may feel and act like:
You are being punished
You are helpless
You are trapped
You are out of control or the circumstances are out of your control
You can’t change yourself or your circumstances
You can’t see any other possibilities except the ones right before you

Eventually these feelings build until you ask — “Why is this happening to me?” OR “What is wrong with me?”

These questions are the questions of the child. This is not the adult asking these questions – instead you have reverted back to the childhood mentality. And just like the child you view the world and your circumstances with a lack of life experience, knowledge and understanding – even though you the adult has a plethora of experiences, knowledge and educated understanding. Denial of self has occurred again. There is no way to see the situation through a different lens when you deny your experiences and personal intelligence.

To begin to shift the energies of survival mode and to create the space for a new way of being the Masters of Light provided the below tool.


Tool: Giving Yourself What You Need

Create a sense of security, approval and acceptance through kind words, such as

[Insert your name] you are safe now, I am here to protect you.
[Insert your name] I approve and love you as you are.
[Insert your name] I accept you as you are.

The key to this tool is in honoring the part – AS YOU ARE. Let go of any qualifications, time frames or footnotes you may want to add to these. The truth is that you are safe, loved and accepted as you are – the unique, beautiful and special person you are right now. The more positive feedback you can offer yourself the easier it will be to create this new and positive pattern.

As this tool begins to create an internal shift, you may be looking for additional tools and exercises to unleash your true self. Our Unearthing U™ series could be a great next step.


What Is Unearthing U™?

A layer by layer approach to uprooting old belief systems and/or threads of belief that continue to hold

you back from experiencing your full potential. This process allows you to uncover and reveal unconscious programming that keeps you stuck in self-sabotage, distraction mode, procrastination, and

unfulfilled and directionless feelings. Awareness and release are the keys to unlocking the inherent potential that exists right now within you.

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