August 2012 – Victim Mentality From Spirit’s Perspective

From our vantage point, in order to most fully assist you with understanding the greater ways to empower oneself, we wish you to understand for a moment what we mean when we say you are coming from one of two places at this time. We see the empowered mentality and we see the victim mentality. However, we do not believe you understand our perspective of the victim mentality. From our vantage point, it is THE MOST pervasive mentality on the entire planet.


Consider for a moment, how many times you question if I am good enough? Have I done enough? Every single time there is any question if you have enough in any way at all, you are in some way, whether a huge way, or a more discreet way, thinking from a victim mentality. This is so important to understand because without this clarification, you cannot most fully see how you are at many times the very one victimizing yourself.


Recognizing My Own Victim Mentality

This does not mean going into what we call the fantasizing mentality either, the wish and hope that the situation changes, or alters in some way. Instead it means firstly:


  1. Recognizing when and where. At what specific times and situations do I go into “not enough” mode?
  2. Asking oneself, “What is the benefit of this thinking for me and from where does it originate?”
  3. Questioning oneself, “Do I continue to choose to look at my life, this situation or event from this viewpoint or do I choose another one?”


You see, it is not enough to wish or hope that a situation will change. Always you must be willing to take action on your own behalf, but all too often this is where we see that you give up on yourselves under the disguise that someone else wants that for you, that even we want that for you. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO STOP TAKING THE ACTION ON YOUR OWN BEHALF AND THEN YOU refuse all too often to take responsibility for having done so in the first place. As though you needed permission from any outside source to continue taking action on your own behalf.


YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS YOUR ADVOCATE. So why then do you stop advocating for yourselves? We wish you to ponder this as you continue following the steps of our tool for this month. And so it is Dearest Ones, allow yourself to advocate on your own behalf!

And so it is!