Be Willing to Make Mistakes

Life is An Adventure

Dearest Ones,

Many people are taught to be afraid of learning, exploring and taking on adventures because they can lead to making mistakes. Yet dearest hearts, how do you expect to learn, if not by making mistakes. Past fears of failure, judgment and disappointment may keep you in sabotage mode, creating huge road blocks to joy.

If you have old patterns of fear wrapped around taking risks, it will feel very difficult to move forward in your life. This is especially problematic because taking risks is required to create positive changes. If you want to experience something new or different, you need willingness to make mistakes along the way to achieve what you desire to have.

Consider that learning = making mistakes

To help you more easily move forward:
Allow self-compassion as you brave new territory and move forward.
Be kind and gentle with yourself
Show yourself support and encouragement so you can learn in positive and uplifting ways.

And, when you need to own responsibility for having made a mistake, be willing to apologize when necessary. Remember, everyone is learning in their own way. Forgiveness and compassion can go a long way, when you allow them for yourself as well as others.

And so it is!

With Deepest Love, Admiration and Grace,
We are with you always.