Be Willing To Support Yourself

Today begins the rest of your life. Choose anew in the areas that you want to experience something new. Tomorrow is the rest of your life too. And so is the next day.

When you hold onto hope for the future or regret for the past you may be preventing yourself from making changes to create a future that is different from your past.

Emotions of regret and hope can both be equally punishing. Too many times, people hold steadfastly to hope without realizing that hope is the very thing keeping them stagnant. Be willing to see where you have held onto hope and where it has punished you, by keeping yourself in a situation that did not or does not serve you.

We believe when you stop holding onto hope – you will make room for faith. Faith in yourself and faith in the support of us, in the angelic realms that are always with you, always ready to offer support on your behalf. Our support is not the problem – support of yourself from yourself – this is usually where people get stuck.

You must be willing to support yourself so that you will accept our support and the support of the people around you. Be open to seeing yourself through a new lens – one that shows you – your courage, determination and persistence. It IS in there. And, allow us to make it easier for you to see it, feel it and experience it.

Exercise to Practice:
♥ Pause and take a few deep breaths.
♥ As you feel your body relax, Invite in the Angelic Presence of Support from the Purest Essence of Divine Light and Love

♥ Ask the Angel Presence of Support to provide you with a cloak of support so that you can begin to absorb the energy of support. Notice how it feels. Connect to the emotions of feeling supported. Ask what steps can I take to have more faith in myself? To support myself?
♥ When you are ready, thank the Angelic Presence of Support, knowing you can invite this energy in every time you need it. Continue to wear your cloak.

And so it is!

With Deepest Love, Gratitude and Blessings,
We Are With You Always!