Red RoseBeauty. We cannot emphasize the importance or significance of aligning with beauty at this time. We will continue to harp on this for the next several weeks, specifically because we observe many people are not aware of how often you are focusing on “ugly,” “pain,” or “upset”.

When you focus on beauty, you are shifting gears in your thinking patterns and will automatically begin to easily search out the options aligned with beauty when you make choices. The more you practice, the quicker this will occur. You make thousands of choices each day. However, many of those choices are made with unconscious awareness.

What you eat, how much you sleep, how you treat yourself, how you show up for others, when you allow yourself unwind time. So much about the way people choose to live begins with an unconscious pattern that adds feelings of discontent. Simply by focusing on the beauty in your life, you will begin to slip into a more satisfied mindset.

SailingSome simple places to look for beauty:
♥ the natural world
♥ a smile, a child’s laughter
♥ people holding hands or hugging
♥ the sun shining, the moon sparkling
♥ the food which nourishes you and the water that re-hydrates you
♥ the abundance in the food store
♥ the fuel that allows you to get from place to place

Beauty can be found in anything and everything if you look for it. Yes, that may mean turning what you see upside down or looking at it from above or below, but we believe when you look for it – you will see it.