Believe There is Always a Grander Plan Occurring

Spirit Miracles

Change is a natural part of life, but how you respond to change is your choice. When you allow a sense of safety, security and protection to support you – you will always recognize a larger and more expansive plan is unfolding.

Yet, when you allow fear, uncertainty and doubt to guide you – you will instead see lack, limitation and uncomfortability ahead of you.

When you consciously begin to choose support instead of fear you will open to receive much more bounty, blessings and magic. Simply because you will be looking for support to come to you in all the ways it is possible to arrive.

Dearest Hearts, seek support, look for Divine Intervention and be willing to believe there is always a grander plan occurring to guide you to exceed your own expectations.

While we cannot and will not ever intervene with your express free will and your ability to choose, we do however LOVE to add the Magic, Miracles and Expansion to your experiences when you are open to receiving them.

Always know you are blessed beyond measure, fully supported by the Divine at all times and Loved immensely.

And so it is!

With Deepest Love, Admiration and Respect,
We Are With You Always!