Bridging The Gap Between My Desire and My Reality

Happy 2016!Bridging The Gap Between My Desire And My Reality

It is with Great Joy we embark on a new year, one ripe with opportunity, new adventures and experiences that are yet to be written. This year brings with it an energy of Love, but most importantly there are elements of a vibrant orange that will be accompanying the creation of all desires from the heart. This intensified creative energy from the sacral chakra will implore you to turn your desires into fruition.

You will discover a welling up inside which cannot be quelled unless you are busily taking action to turn those desires into tangible matter.

And so to begin this new year while harnessing the energy that is available, we offer this special technique:

Bridging The Gap Between My Desire and My Reality

Step 1: Identify Desires

Identify 3-5 desires you have inside. Do not think or try to find them, with the energy present they will be obvious. Perhaps surprising or maybe even shocking but their presence is present, simply take out pen and paper and write what comes to your conscious awareness. No matter what reveals itself be courageous enough to allow yourself to write it down.

Begin with this statement and continue: The desires inside of me that must come to fruition this year include…

Step 2: Internal Observation

Bridging The Gap Between My Desire And My RealityOnce you are clear in the desires bubbling inside. Look at the image to the right  and allow yourself to feel the bubbling up of those desires, as if they are welling up inside of you. Only focus on one desire at a time, for just 30 seconds and notice what occurs for you internally. Take the first 10 seconds to notice your thoughts, the next 10 seconds to notice your feelings and the last 10 seconds to notice your body. Then write down what you observed.

Step 3: Physical Clues

How did your body physically respond? This is the most important part of all – was your body able to sustain the energy of the fruition of your desire or did it repel the fruition of it? Was your body showing resistance or was it open and accepting? How you physically respond is going to be your clue as to your willingness to receive the reality of this desire.

No matter what you think you want or feel you desire, your physical body will always provide clues as to your willingness to receive or repel the fruition of it. That is where your inside work must begin. If you were not open to accepting the fruition of your desire – here is where you need to practice daily, opening the cells of your body to accept new experiences.

Step 4: Taking Action

Once you are clear in steps 1-3, the actions you need to take will begin to make themselves apparent. The ironic part is, you may think you need to spend time creating a plan, determining where to go and what to do – when in actuality, your Soul will begin to provide you will all of that information, as you open to the bubbling up inside.

The desire of your Soul which cannot be quelled is going to guide you.

You now need to pay attention to its nudges, guidance and then, take action accordingly. You can think about what to do and how to do it, but the more you focus on your own ideas, the less you will allow the wisdom of your Soul to be your guide – because your mind can only formulate ideas from knowledge it already has while your Soul has access to unlimited knowledge. So be certain you pay attention to your Soul’s Wisdom.

Enjoy the bubbling adventures in store for you in this new year! 2016 is going to be a year of desires of the soul coming to fruition.

With our Deepest Love, Affection and Admiration,
We Are With You Always

Please keep us posted about what your Soul is guiding you toward. We look forward to hearing about your experiences! ~ Pete & Christi

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