Change Doesn’t Feel Comfortable

Go With The FlowTimes they are a-changing! Over the last few months we have undergone a major metamorphoses and it has been an incredible experience. We began the year with refreshing our logo and upgrading our website. Just as we prepared for the launch – we were notified our office was being sold!

So, if you’ve already seen our new look but wondered why you haven’t heard from us – that’s why! After two and a half years, it sure wasn’t what we were expecting – at least not just yet. Those funny Guides, they warned us it was time to stretch, to expand our horizons and to get cracking!

Okay, what really happened – I felt forced to change! I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention, and maybe I was protesting a little bit. Sure I was comfortable in my familiar surroundings and didn’t realize my own unwillingness. We always say around here – willingness is the first step. And when we aren’t willing to allow ourselves to move in the direction of the flow, sometimes Spirit supports us with a giant shove in the right direction!

Since we’ve been unable to pin down a new location just yet, we will temporarily be using a few different spaces.

Thank you Guides for the SHOVE! Because we have been hard at work burning the midnight oil creating brand new programming, consolidating our enormous body of teachings into manuals and preparing some phenomenal online programs! OMG!!

As always those Guides knew we needed time and space to transform that energy into physical materials. Quite a process it has been. Can’t wait to share it all with you! Just a little bit longer…

Um…here’s a little hint for yourself, thanks to my personal experience – protesting can be the biggest clue you are the very obstacle that keeps you in your own way. (Blah! You know the face I’m making)

Self-Inquiry is the best tool! Are you like me and protesting but not realizing? If so, try this technique:

Protesting Self-Assessment:

Notice where you are protesting. Some places to pay attention to include areas where you feel frustrated, stuck, or want something to be different than it is.

Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are you gaining by staying where you are?
  2. What is the benefit of protesting?
  3. What are you preventing from staying where you are?
  4. What are you using to determine change is not the very thing you want most?
  5. What would it be like to go with the flow?

Until next time, keep shining brilliantly! We need you as you are!