Change Is The Only Constant.

Clear DirectionChange is the only constant. Nature is always showing you this, even your own body is showing you this, but your ability in many cases to see the physical changes is interrupted by your focus on living and surviving.

You are mostly unaware of the changes to your cells, the blood flow in your body, the removal of toxins – that is until your bladder screams for relief, or you feel thirsty and need to pause for a drink. Much of the functioning of the physical part of you continues on with minimal required effort. Right?

For the most part yes, but the parts that do require your immediate attention, and YOUR input are the ones that make the most difference. You, the individual, are the one who decides what fuel will go into your body. You choose the food, you choose the beverages and you choose the movement that your body will receive.

What you do not realize is that you also choose the stress you will put yourself under. You choose the way you think, the way you feel and the way you perceive all situations. The reason this matters is that many people tend to be temporarily focused, instead of processing the long term effects of the current situations.

For every cause there is an effect. If you pick up a hot pot from the oven, without protecting yourself with an oven mitt, you will get burned. If you are not careful while using a sharp knife you will get cut. In the physical world, when you can see imminent danger you can take action to avoid harm, but what happens when you cannot physically see the harm that is present?

What happens when the harm is emotional? What happens when the harm is mental? What happens when the combination of this mental and emotional harm begins to impact the rest of you?

A silent heart attack is still a heart attack. Studies show there is a direct correlation on the physical body by stress, and food choices and yet, many people do not pause to think about how their choices are impacting them long term.

Divine GuidanceLeaving one job without another form of income, will lead to an inability to pay one’s bills. This is a direct correlation that can easily be understood and most people are immediately aware of the effects of being fired or laid off. Surely you can also change your employment. Creating a plan of action to do so, will most easily ensure you are well protected and taken care of in the process of change.

Taking a few minutes to examine where you may be unaware of the long term impact of your current choices and decisions can be life altering, as it can literally change the destination you arrive at and ensure you are provided for along the way.

Some questions to ask oneself:
♥  Are you clear in your destination?
♥  Are you protecting yourself as you move forward?
♥  Are you accepting divine guidance to allow for ease and grace?
♥  Are you headed in the direction you intend?
♥  Are there some tweaks that can make the process easier,
better, more enjoyable?
♥  Are you allowing your life to be fun, happy, and enjoyable?