Christi’s Background

While I’ve been communicating with Spirit since I was a small child, over time that clarity has grown and expanded beyond anything I ever imagined was possible. The road I travelled to get to where I am today, was certainly wrought with its fair share of twists, turns and challenges. In the mainstream world, I worked as a paralegal, served in political office and ran my father’s small business after his untimely death. While I have read and studied numerous spiritual teachings my entire life, and was certified as as Reiki Level II in 2003, it is Spirit’s daily guidance, wisdom and teachings that allow me to do the work I do. It is always my greatest honor to be a channel for Spirit and to be of service to others.

Though I am humbled and blessed to serve as a messenger for Spirit, I am also human, with human emotions, and I too am on my journey of learning and expanding. Spirit has been very clear, I am here to teach teachers and to heal healers. As I have embraced this path, the road continues expanding beyond anything I’d ever imagined was possible. Spirit leads and I just have to be willing to get out of my own way and take the action. When Christi C International was founded, it was the guides who decided on the name, for many reasons. At the top of the list, it was a mantra for me! Christi SEE International, that is the impact and the reach we have in mind, think global! And so I have continued to set in motion the plan that Spirit has in store, co-creating along the way, adding my input and love.

Why I am so passionate about this work

I’ve learned through much experience time and time again, the orchestration of Spirit is far beyond anything I could ever imagine. It was Spirit’s intervention that brought the love of my life into the picture in ways that continue to astound me and at just the perfect time too! And that changed everything. While I believed the foundation of everything in my life was rooted in love, I discovered it was my intention, certainly, but it was not the true expectation I had. Very shortly after we began dating, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A journey that showed me in the deepest and most profound ways how little I allowed myself to receive love. For that experience I will always feel grateful because it changed my life in the most glorious of ways.

Pete entering my life has dramatically expanded all that I am capable of, all that I see and all that I do. I have become a better me with his love. I have let love in in ways I didn’t know I was keeping it out. I have expanded, grown, and been stretched in ways I didn’t know were possible.

It is very important to me that you know, my life is the direct result of Spirit’s tools. I know better than anyone else how powerful and transformative they are. It was all the work that Spirit asked me to teach that I used to unearth myself so that I could meet the love of my life, together we could get me through cancer, and live a beautiful life. It’s why we are expanding our services and will always continue to reach further, so that every one has an opportunity to discover their Magnamous Self. I feel so very blessed to be with the man of my dreams, to do work that I love, and I feel extremely grateful to live the life I do. While it wasn’t always easy, I used all the tools we offer here from Spirit to completely transform my life. If I could do it, I know you can too!