Christi’s First Blog

Ready to feel snow-globed? Often the wisdom that Spirit pours forth requires time to percolate and process, so that we can integrate the new teachings. As the guides provide us with new information, concepts and ideas, you can find a sampling of them on our blog.

Just as we all go shopping and select different clothes based on what fits us, the same is true of the information that Spirit shares. We post the information as we receive it, and ask that you take what resonates with you and leave behind what does not. We do not ask any other to take our truth at face value. Sit with it, question it, ponder it and feel if indeed it resonates with you. Overtime, Christi has discovered there are layers of truth. First to help understand something, one idea or concept is presented and as that information is absorbed and accepted a new, deeper teaching is presented for percolating and processing. Each new concept arrives this way and often times turns a prior teaching upside down, but it is in many cases the only way we can understand things. So prepare to feel snow-globed!

This is Christi’s special way of describing the impact of Spirit’s teachings. Like a snow globe which is calm and settled, people come to us and we shake you up so that everything needs to percolate and settle once again. When it does, it does so in a new way from before. Enjoy watching the beautiful inner light floating about as new ideas and concepts begin to acclimate within.

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