5 Clues Inner Blindspots Being Revealed

5 Clues Inner Blindspots Are Being Revealed

5 Clues Inner Blindspots Are Being Revealed

  1. Feelings: Stressed out. Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Stuck.
  2. Thoughts: Repeating old negative recordings. Telling yourself you can’t accomplish your goals. Thinking life’s never going to change or improve.
  3. Experiencing roller coasters of emotion. Fluctuating from centered and balanced to helpless and stuck.
  4. Repeating historic patterns.
  5. Being triggered.

Inner Blindspots = Patterns that are so familiar they’ve become normal, so their impact is hidden. 

Inner blindspots are created by built-up emotional clutter. Like a closet that’s so full you can’t see what’s in there. Nor do you remember what you tucked away for safe-keeping. 

As a result, most people are shocked to discover how much emotional clutter they’ve been lugging around without any awareness. It’s all too common to become desensitized to the hurt. Buck up, suck up and keep going….who has time to deal with feelings? 

So the busier you are and the more successful you are – the more confusing and frustrating it feels when you get stuck. And if you’re innately intuitive, when your inner compass goes haywire you’ll have a harder time accepting the emotional baggage that’s responsible. Because you probably didn’t learn how to integrate your intuitive muscles with the rest of you.

If you’ve been trained to switch gears to focus on something positive you’ll miss the treasure map your soul is providing you.

Truth: Inner Blindspots Are Being Revealed!

When you understand what’s going on inside yourself you won’t struggle with common problems, like:

  • Having the same argument over and over
  • Feeling misunderstood or like no one gets you
  • Trying to figure out who you are or what your purpose is
  • Telling yourself why you can’t have something you want
  • Wondering why you can’t get where you want to go
  • Questioning your value or worth
  • Experiencing emotional tailspins because you’re triggered
  • Thinking anything outside you is responsible for what you’re experiencing inside

Those are all clues your true self is hidden by inner blindspots! And you’re way too valuable to remain hidden behind inner blindspots.

Let’s get to the bottom of what’s going on inside yourself. Peel back a layer of inner blindspots so you experience inner freedom. And expand your toolbox to become a better you. 

Time is a precious commodity, so don’t waste any. 

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