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Cultivating U™ Teachings


Born Divine Beings, we sometimes forget the Truth of our Nature in our daily living. Inside each package you will find a Teaching Booklet with a Companion Guided Meditation CD educating about how to accept deeper Truths into our lives. Our Cultivating U™ Series of Teachings with The Guides are potently packed with information to help us all embrace our Divinity in grander ways.


Compassion: Teachings with The Guides Booklet and Guided Meditation CD

While so often it is easy to have a sense of compassion for others, having compassion for oneself can be more challenging. These Teachings and Spirit guided meditations are offered with Love to teach you how it feels to have self-compassion, so you can learn to be gentle and loving in your own treatment of you, while expanding your compassion for all beings.

Track 1: Discovering Compassion 12:49
Track 2: I AM Compassion 21:40
Track 3: Compassion Seal 07:33

This tool is especially beneficial for those who have been betrayed in the past, who are struggling with accepting love, who are ready for more delicate treatment of themselves or who are in need of understanding.


Truth: Teachings with The Guides Booklet and Guided Meditation CD

All Truth resides within every heart, however, throughout life we learn not to trust ourselves or forget how to listen with our hearts. When we listen with our heart ears, see through our heart eyes, feel through our heart emotions Truth becomes known to us. These Teachings and Spirit guided meditations will walk you through reclaiming your connection with your own Heart Center, empowering you to experience Truth in its full measure for the highest good of all.

Track 1: Discovering Truth 10:22
Track 2: I AM Truth 17:28
Track 3: Truth Seal 04:44

This is a powerful tool for those who have trouble connecting their hearts and minds, who say “I don’t know what I want”, who feel lost or confused, or troubled by life’s circumstances.



Balance: Teachings with The Guides Booklet and Guided Meditation CD

Working with the energy centers of the body, these Teachings and Spirit guided meditations will teach you to how to understand where you have challenges with releasing feelings and thought patterns of fear, so you can practice maintaining a state of balance. Honoring the beauty of Nature’s magical rainbows, this journey will create an expanded experience of harmony, balance and unity.

Track 1: Discovering Balance & Harmony 14:10
Track 2: I AM Harmoniously Balanced 23:02
Track 3: Harmony & Balance Seal 02:22

This tool is especially good for people who have been having a hard time with receiving, who enjoy working with the chakras (the body’s energy centers), and who wish to experience greater expression of balance in their lives.



Sleep: Teachings with The Guides Booklet and Guided Meditation CD

In our busy lives, the mind often has difficulty quieting down so that we can have a peaceful, restful slumber. These Teachings and Spirit guided meditations will provide your mind, body, emotions and spirit space and time to be soothed so that you can enjoy a deep peaceful sleep. Either journey out into the vastness of the Universe to experience the stillness of the beauty in the night sky, or relax in your bed, your own sacred healing chamber, where you will experience the gentle Love of the Angels embrace.

Track 1: Journey Through the Universe 19:40
Track 2: Convert My Bed Into A Healing Chamber 29:23

This tool is especially beneficial for people who have trouble sleeping, need help relaxing, or are seeking stress relief. The guided meditations on the companion cd may also provide a sense of healing for those who are seeking mental relief from physical pain.


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Chemo: Teachings with The Guides Booklet and Guided Meditation CD (available very soon)

During Christi’s journey with cancer, The Guides provided her with many teachings that she now shares for others undergoing their own experience with cancer. This companion guided meditation cd was created with great love to assist her with the chemotherapy treatments. Since it was so powerful in her healing process, we now offer it for others who are enduring their own experience with chemo.

Track 1: Oneness

A simple grounding meditation that can be used at anytime to restore a sense of the fullness of living on Earth. This is especially helpful as a reminder of the beauty of life and our connectedness to all when the process of chemo feels challenging or isolating.

Track 2: Chemo’s Permission Slip

Absolutely listen to this before each chemo treatment! It made all the difference for Christi! Saying good-bye to the cancer cells, honoring them and telling the chemo what it was allowed to do and taking away permission from harming any organs. This is great preparation for every treatment!

Track 3: Sleep, I need sleep

For those days, when you just can’t sleep because there is too much running around in your head, the body is uncomfortable, or the drugs have you restless. Journey out into the universe so you can relax and peacefully slumber.