Deep Down What Does Your Heart Long For?

Your Beautiful Heart

Dearest Ones,

What do you want? More than anything, right now, what is it that you want?

Seriously, deep down in the core of your being, what is it that your heart longs for?

Pause and take a moment to listen to the quiet voice of your heart, as you offer it an opportunity to speak. Sometimes the mind is so quick to chime in with an answer, the deeper part of the heart which has a longing goes unrecognized and unnoticed until pressed with your back against the wall – then that voice becomes so loud, booming almost, as it demands attention. Attention it had been gently, lovingly calling for all along.

Pause and allow your beautiful heart to express its wants so that you can begin to take calculated action to bring those wants into reality.

Too often, people get stuck in the idea of not having what they want, without recognizing the true problem was allowing themselves to express the want in the first place. All too frequently, we observe people ask for something and though it is right in front of them, so close it would nip their nose if it could, yet they remain unaware of the fulfillment of their wants. The individual becomes the very person who is withholding the fulfillment from themselves.

So, once you allow your heart to speak to you – that is step 1 after all – listening to the call within your heart – then go and write down its message. Let your mind and your body – through the writing process – fully recognize the want for what it is.

Then, put all your focus and attention on allowing yourself to receive the fulfillment of that very want. And keep at it. Until it becomes a new part of your experience. Do not give up on yourself and be sure to remember to allow yourself to let us guide you. We will always be with you as a solid support system, but you also have to allow us to guide you – not do it for you, but lovingly guide you forward to the fruition of that very desire.

And so it is dearest hearts!

With Deepest Love, Admiration and Respect,
We Are With You Always!