Divine Support Is With You Always

Divine SupportA new Earth year is upon you!

With this year comes an advancement of the energies that are penetrating your home planet at this time. Yes, this month we speak of the Intergalactic Beings – the Masters of Light -who from far and distant places are literally sending tremendous amounts of love, light and support energies to you all.

Be mindful of 3 things as you embark upon your goals this year:

1. Spirit walks with you at all times — you are always supported, loved and cherished for all you do and all you do not do.
2. You will find much ease, grace and speed with all life goals this year — be ever mindful of certainty and clarity in your intentions from the perspective of self and others. To all things on earth there is reciprocity – you and others will always be impacted. Allow yourself to experience this natural sense of balance at all times. Your awareness of it will smooth the way for you.
3. This is the tricky one — it requires an open mind. Many of you focus on an open heart, but we also ask that you willingly add in an open mind. With an open mind you will begin to witness the divine support that is always with you. With an open mind you will begin to observe possibilities in new places, which will lead to new discoveries and a lot of joy – untold joy. Joy beyond your imagining.

Simply be open and willing to accept the Divine support that is always with you. For many it simply requires an alignment process which is rather easy – if you allow it to be.

Tool: Aligning With Divine Support

Step 1: Be clear in your intention behind all actions. Before you enter into any action, pause to clarify for yourself your express intention for both yourself and others.
Step 2: Look to see the fruition of this intention as it is occurring and how easily events, people and circumstances are aligning for your intended outcome to occur.
Step 3: Pause to feel gratitude for your alignment with Divine Support.

This simple 3-step process, can most easily alter the direction in which you travel, because you are consciously focusing on accepting the support that is always with you. Doing so, with practice and repetition, will easily allow the unconscious mind to program ‘I accept support’ until it becomes a new normal that no longer requires conscious and determined focus.

With great joy, we wish you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed new year! Until next month, be sure to live fully and practice accepting the blessings that are yours and yours alone (they won’t go to anyone else, even if you try to send them along – they are for you alone, so accept them!)