Solar Eclipse

Energy Eclipse & How It May Affect You

The energy eclipse coming on Monday, August 21 carries some potent energy. Maybe it’s already impacting you? Places where your self-trust can deepen, are gonna be easy to notice.

Head’s up about a few things so you can prepare for it:

#1: You may notice a deeper intensity to your emotions as the Eclipse approaches.

Be sure to provide yourself emotional support. Gently hold your own hand. Provide comfort. Encouragement. Validation. Permission to feel. “Self it’s ok you feel…. .” Think about how you’d loving nurture a small child. And repeat for you.

#2: You may sense uncomfortable energy.

Get your soul fully in your body. Not like a stuffed sausage. ‘Cause your soul is bigger than your body. Use your intention to ensure the energy of your soul is flowing through and beyond the edges of your body. Past your toes, fingers and head.

Amplify your energy. Imagine you’re standing on a light box that’s tuned to your personal channel. Like satellite radio. And increase the volume so you have access to more of you. Call it your Higher Self. Soul. Source. Just connect with as much of your purest essence as you can and amplify it.

Expansion is the solution. When any ugliness is revealed, you may want to withdraw or shrink. But that allows more room for it. Increase your positive energy instead.

#3: You may notice places where your self-trust muscles need strengthening.

Remember YOU are a powerhouse! You’ve got the know-how, fortitude and ability to harness positive energy like nobody’s business. Be the powerhouse that you are!

Tap into your happiest happy. Recall happy memories to fuel your positive emotional intensity. Add joy and laughter where you are. Stay focused on positivity as intently as you can.

Enjoy the plentiful opportunities for self-growth that are being provided!