Enhancing Your Well-Being

As you embark on this new month, consider focusing on three things to enhance your own sense of well-being:


  • Firstly, allow yourself a mental snack each time you eat, so that as you nourish your physical body you are also providing nourishment for your mind. Think broadly here, so that you are expanding yourself simultaneously. We like this one:

I am an infinite being, capable of creating miracles on my own behalf.


  • Secondly, allow time for a snack mid-afternoon when your body is needing extra energy. Too often you think that you must not provide yourself with fuel. The real question is, “What kind of fuel am I going to provide myself with? Something that is uplifting, refreshing and enlightening or something that will further “weigh” me down.”


  • Thirdly, to enhance your sense of physical well-being take at least 10 minutes out of your day to spontaneously add in some movement, in addition to your routine. Whether you climb a few extra stairs, walk around your office, take a trip to the water cooler, or add another lap around the block, consider adding in a little extra boost for yourself.


Each time you provide more self-care, you are demonstrating your personal value to you. The more you accept your own importance and open to receiving self-care, the easier it will be for you to be open to receiving assistance, guidance or care from others. If you will not open to receiving from yourself first, you will not be open to receiving from others either.


And so it is!