Enjoy the Now. It is Truly All You Have.

Sailboat on the Ocean

Time is too short for some things, yet too long for others. Pain lingers on our hearts with timelessness, yet life and love feel temporary. How do we as non-permanent beings navigate the abyss of time, the in-between all knowing and what feels like mostly forgetting? How do we hold life precious, and honor it for the short duration of time it allows us. Yet, maneuver through the painful, heartache of the impermanence of all things?

Nothing truly in this life is permanent. Our bodies will die. Our life experiences will become memories.

Our mark on this world will alter and change as people remember who we were and what we did. Some will remember the positive. Others, marked by our mistakes, will remember the pain.

No one is the same in death as they were in life. Memories fade — some grow stronger, others weaker. But not in truth, only in the choice of the memories as they are altered by each individual.

No truth remains the same in death. No death remains the same in truth. All perspectives. All viewpoints.

All true and yet, all false. And then the light of this life fades and is born into a new existence — there is a remembering and a forgetting. A remembering of the love — a forgetting of the pain.

Quite ironic really — we spend our time on earth trying to remember something that upon death we will immediately remember. And we spend our time on earth trying desperately to forget the pain, which upon death we will immediately forget.

What would happen if instead we spend our time on earth enjoying the experience of being on earth? Neither remembering or forgetting — without trying.

Simply enjoying the wind caressing our faces.
The touch of another person.
The sand under our feet.
The beauty of the world we live in.
The magnificence and splendor of being physical.
The thrill of running in the meadow.
The sheer joy of laughter.
The bliss of sharing love.
The euphoria that IS possible in the enjoyment of living.

Then perhaps we would not be limited by neither what we are able to remember nor what we try to forget. Then we might reach a new height, accomplish greater feats and experience more wisdom  — simply by accepting what is without focus on what is not.

To focus on what is not always robs us of what is.
To focus on what will be punishes us for what is now.
To focus on what can be avoids what is.
And yet, what is, and what is now, is all we have.

Let us lift up our eyes. Let us look to the now with rejoice knowing fully that where we are, and what we are doing is Divine. It is holy. It is the experience of being human that is the goal, which is overlooked during the search for what will be. And if it will be one day, why rush the inevitable?

Simply stated, enjoy the now, it is truly all you have. And the only certainty you can ever count on. 

For the next moment will change and new opportunities will be offered. New options will present themselves. New ideas will flourish. New cells will form. New feelings will emerge. And the change will continue on only allowing a brief understanding of the moment of now — recognizing an opportunity to drink in the joy — bask in the sunlight. Charge into the unknown for the only known is the moment of now. And so it is. And so it will be.

Another day.
Another dawn.
Another moment.
Another choice.

To embrace the forgetting and release the remembering — or to struggle trying to remember and fight the trying to forget what you cannot forget. The choice is always ours to make.

The power of choice is with us at all times.

From the most mundane choices about meal selections, driving directions, times to wake-up. We make thousands of decisions daily, but do we ever pause to recognize each decision is a choice?

A choice toward something and away from something else. Do we harness our power of choice to guide us in the direction of our hearts desires and dreams or do we unknowingly follow what we believe we are “supposed” to do?

The gift in each moment is that we do get to choose. Sometimes that means choices are based on temporary situations to create new future circumstances. Spending time in school is a temporary situation to create a new future scenario. Too much focus on the challenges school can present and not enough remembrance of the goal for being in school can lead us to forget the choice to go to school in the first place.

Life is a delicate balance of present goals and future goals all predicated by the choices we make. Too often the eyes of hindsight lead us down the never-ending road of regret. If only I had, I only wish I would have…

The truth however is you did what you did. In this way there are no do-overs for the past. Yet, this does not ever mean you cannot redo how you move forward, the choices you make and where those choices and decisions are leading you.

Pause and look at where the current choices in your life are leading you. Will they take you to where you want to be or are new choices needed to get there? Only you can decide. Without periodically taking the time to assess the direction you are headed in, you may find yourself arriving at a destination you do not want to be. You can choose.

But, remember the sailboat.

It does not travel a straight direction to arrive at its intended destination. Knowing the destination guides the sailor to curve the sail in the direction of the wind. Following the wind, it will arrive at the final destination, which may require going in many different directions to get there.

And so it is dearest hearts!

With Deepest Love, Admiration and Respect,
We Are With You Always!