Blindspot Detection Session

Blindspot Detection Sessions

January 18, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Kaleidoscope Angels
1056 Old Swede Rd
Douglassville, PA 19518
Jennifer Weeber

Blindspot Detection Sessions

Get Tools To Help Yourself.


When your soul connection is clogged – you need an expert who can detect the blindspots in your way! 

Blindspots are areas where you don’t know what you don’t know. Every second you’re bombarded by 400 billion bits of information, but your brain only processes about 2,000 of those bits. That’s over 399 BILLION bits per second that are filtered out! EVERY SECOND = Lots of blindspots!!

Lack of awareness of your blindspots can wreak havoc in your clarity, communications, connections and choices. Clogging your intuitive pipeline and obstructing access to your soul. Preventing you from understanding it’s wisdom.

You need direct access to the wise and powerful part of you. It’s got clarity. Out-of-the-box solutions. Plus a treasure trove of other gems!

Sometimes blindspots are built into your foundation like train tracks which originate back in the 1800’s. Today you’ll need to go places that didn’t exist back then. When old familiar patterns are getting in the way we’ll address them head-on.



What You Need To Know…

Typically sessions are 60 minutes, but it’s suggested you plan a little extra time in your schedule in case we need it. And you may want some quiet time for yourself after as well.

It’s common for people to feel saturated at the end of a session. Because you’ll receive deep and intense clarity. Sometimes it’s hard to process it all at once. You’ll get all of my hand written notes. Along with an mp3 recording that you’ll have for future reference.

Plus, you’ll get tools to work with so you can continue making progress on your own. Then, when you’re ready for more tools…you can come back and see me.

Ready to charge forward full speed ahead? Delve deep into the trenches of yourself? AND reconnect with the wise and powerful soul inside you?

What Are People Experiencing?

“I feel as though Christi brought me back to the beginning. Gave me such clarity that I can re-align/direct my future by being empowered with the Truth. My blindspots and false beliefs/conclusions just shattered away…I feel so confident in knowing who I am.” Karen

“Christi has a kind and gentle way of helping us dig deep to the very core of the problem and helping us see and understand it for what it is and then teaching us how to shed and heal old wounds.” Theresa

“Christi was terrific in helping me with an emotional block that kept me from my progressing on my spiritual path. I had been trying to unblock this for a long time.” Alex

“It is wonderful to be more free from the bondage of my earlier teachings.  I wish that freedom for everyone.  Again, thank you for saying, “YES!” to your special gift.” Pat


Abundance Exchange: $200 per session

For Available Appointment Times Contact: Jennifer Weeber at 610-689-3999.


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