Communications Gone Haywire!

August 5, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Kaleidoscope Angels
1056 Old Swede Rd
Douglassville, PA 19518
Jennifer Weeber

Communications Gone Haywire!

Communications are the key to healthy and happy relationships – personally and professionally. Yet, when you aren’t aware of what’s going on inside your Self that’s affecting what’s interpreted, you won’t enjoy the happiness you deserve.


When your past pain is provoked, your emotional suitcase is opened and communications go haywire! As those past patterns play out in the present, deeper connections are prevented. Blocks to intimacy are created. And the quality of your relationships are impacted.


Join Christi Maybo for a discussion about how to address the finer nuances of communications from a holistic approach. Learn how to recognize your pain, without accidentally sabotaging your relationships.


This seminar will address:

  • Clues to identify where your past is influencing the present
  • Clarity about hidden emotional blindspots
  • What’s been so normal you’ve been stuck in old patterns
  • Receive tips & tools to develop self-awareness so you don’t accidentally pelt socks at someone else
Laugh and have fun learning in a light-hearted way. Bring a notebook, something to write with and a sense of humor. As always Christi’s seminars are customized for those in attendance.
Develop awareness of patterns that are so familiar – you didn’t know that you didn’t know there’s a better way to communicate.



Please contact Jennifer Weeber to reserve seating  (610) 689-3999 or KaleidoscopeAngelsLLC@gmail.com
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