Energy Healers Training

Energy Healer Training: Intensive Awareness & Skills Development Workshop

February 29, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Kaleidoscope Angels
1056 Old Swede Road
PA 19518
Jennifer Weeber
Energy Healer Training: Intensive Awareness & Skills Development Workshop @ Kaleidoscope Angels

Energy Healer Training:

Intensive Awareness & Skills Development Workshop 

SATURDAY, February 29 from 10am-2pm

  • As an Energy Healer are you aware that what’s going on inside of you directly affects your skills?
  • Are you aware that when you’re emotionally blocked that baggage alters how you work and even how you protect yourself and your clients?
  • Did anyone teach you about the power and value of connecting with your soul in your practice to optimize your sessions?
  • Do you know what piece of the puzzle you fulfill for your clients?
  • Do you know you have skills you aren’t using because you haven’t been trained in HOW you work – you’ve only learned a modality that limits your potential?

Energy healers need to understand that they bring so much more to the table than just the modality they have been trained in. This Skills Awareness and Development workshop is designed to prepare you for a wide variety of experiences and will expand your skill set so you can better serve yourself and your clients. It’s customized training for those in attendance so you deepen your understanding of how you work, what you bring to the table, best practices, and more – depending on what you personally need!

To register contact Kaleidoscope Angels in Douglassville, PA email, or call 610- 689-3999.



“I tried working with other practitioners to hone my skills but this was the experience I needed. It was intense! But, now I’m experiencing higher connectivity with my clients.” J.

“I had no idea I had skills I wasn’t using. You guys taught me how to incorporate both the soul and the client into sessions which has made my work so much more powerful.” P.

“You both made me feel so comfortable and capable.” J.W.


Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020
Time: 10:00 am-2:00 pm
Location: Kaleidoscope Angels, 1056 Old Swede Road, Douglassville, PA 19518
Tuition: $300

Reserve your spot in this customized hands-on learning experience. Call Kaleidoscope Angels 610-689-3999 to register. ONLY 6 openings available.


Register Now!

Contact Jennifer Weeber at 610-689-3999 or email KaleidoscopeAngelsLLC@gmail.com to register.

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