Ancestral Healing

Family Blindspots

When you think about your upbringing would you say that you grew up feeling safe? Secure? Protected? 

Most people respond with, “I know my parents loved me.” 

Okay, but the question is: Did you feel safe and secure?

The Truth is families aren’t the safe and secure place we wish they were because all people have pain. And that pain creates blindspots which prevent clarity of the true impact a person has. 

You were protected to the depth and degree of your care-givers’ pain…they could only protect you as deeply as they were capable of identifying harm. So what happens when your care-givers’ pain created harm and they weren’t even aware of it? Family blindspots develop, which impact your relationships.

 End Denial.

I know my parents loved me. But…

  • I didn’t feel heard.
  • We didn’t have enough money for what I needed.
  • My sibling was an addict and life was very chaotic.
  • My parent died when I was young so I had to do a lot of things for myself. 
  • I was terrified everyday because the nun would hurt the kids in my classroom.
  • I didn’t feel safe to tell anyone I was being molested.
  • No one believed me when I told them I could see things they couldn’t.

Accept Truth.

Every family is unique. Each person is an individual. What was familiar in your household became the norm. So, it’s easy to deny the impact because you didn’t know anything different. And that creates a foundation for the same patterns to repeat. 

Each generation before you faced the same situation. How many ancestors carried forward the behavior patterns that impacted the way you were treated?

What struggles did your ancestors face that affected how they raised their children? And how did that carry forward to impact you? Where has your family been recycling the same patterns inadvertently because it’s been the norm?  

 Set Ancestral Healing In Motion.

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