February 2012 – Blossoming and Expanding

It is with great pleasure and glee we address you today, on day of great and dramatic change. As you sit there, reading our words already are you absorbing a new and deeper vibration of Love that is available to you now. At this time we ask you to pause and drink in this deeper ray of Magenta Energy so that it can permeate your being down to the very cellular structure for which you are comprised.


And with this pause, we tell you in no uncertain terms your world from our vantage point is opening and blooming like a beautiful flower as you, yourself, accept you in deeper and new ways. While many of you cannot see the fruition of your hard work, truly on the grand scale you must know that each person you come in contact with is open and able to receive this vibration that you are so lovingly welcoming into your heart. Dearest Ones this is how we create a giant wave of transformation together. You begin with you and we begin with assisting you.


Remember that, as light bearers, you receive our help and guidance and serve as role models for all of what is possible with divine intervention. Allow yourself to be the grand role model that you already are without feeling the need to hide the guidance that is provided to you at all times. Consider that sharing the magic, the miracles, and the joy of your experiences will assist in ushering in more questioning and asking of our help. Because if we are here to help you, others will begin to wonder, well, perhaps Spirit will help me too! Know that you dearest Magnamous Hearts are the ones creating the transformation of planet earth as you embrace the role you have come to fulfill.

And so it is!


For those needing a moment of empowerment, let us offer this tool for the month:


Each day pause for a moment, a brief moment and ask yourself, these powerful questions:


●  Did I fulfill my needs today?

●  Did I fulfill the needs of others today?

●  What one aspect of me can I improve accepting this month?


Most importantly, hear those words without judgment, so that you are moving into the space of fulfilling your very own needs with greater clarity so that again you are a role model of empowering yourself and others. When you meet your own needs, truly you are ever more able and capable and desiring to fulfill the needs of others, but FIRSTLY your very own needs must be fulfilled so that you can indeed assist others. You are a better you when you are properly taking care of you!


And so it is!