Purity Within

From Pain to Purity

Pain unites humanity. Pain incites people to take action. Pain prevents love from fully showing up because it allows fear to take hold.

Ok, where are we going with this? Reflecting on the perpetual terrorist attacks occurring around our globe, we were questioning, “What is the common denominator? What will unite people to take action in positive ways?” Of course that means Spirit popped in with a comment, “Pain.”

At face value that may sound crazy…so think about this – people who share the same pain, resonate with each other.

Support groups are effective because people can share their pain, similar pain that led to the same experiences – pain that guided them to need support. Groups of people are often drawn together to talk about their pain – relationships that ended, people who died, abuse that occurred, addictions, jealousy, greed. The list goes on and on…pain creates a common bond between people.

Pain does unite us!

And yet, ironically in times of darkness is when people shine the brightest. After the horrors of 9/11 humanity was at it’s best. Showing up for each other, lending a helping hand, and ensuring action was taken Pure Heartsfor the victims and their families. People joined together, globally. Then, again people globally joined together when the lives of innocent children were taken in Newtown, Connecticut. More recently, were the shootings at the nightclub in Orlando and the bombing at the airport in Turkey, etc., and each time, again people joined in solidarity.

Pain unites us. Dark moments ask us to show up in ways that we don’t on a regular basis. When the world is in chaos, our day to day shaken up – we respond in different ways. But does it have to be this way?

Do we need dark times to change? Do we have to be shaken to our core to realize there is another way? Do we have to be devastated to take action in new ways?

Christi’s Perspective

If Pain is the glue that holds us all together, what is the salve to alleviate our pain? In my opinion it always begins with Self. When we address our pain on an individual level, our perceptions, experiences and choices change. Then, like a domino effect, we can address our communities and then our world. It all begins with Self because we have to be able to have love, compassion, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness of ourselves so that we can extend the same hand of kindness to others. When our Pure Heartspain prevents us from being our best selves, the inward journey is an essential element to create change. While we cannot change anyone else, we always have the power to improve ourselves and to live our potential.

Pete’s Perspective

The darkness that resides in the few who create such pain and horror around the world should not be able to block the light of the majority that want peace, joy, acceptance and compassion for self and others. Why does humanity as a whole allow the ignorance, and hatred of the few to eclipse the light of the masses who want and know things can be different?  This is where I struggle. The good in humanity out weighs the bad and yet, humanity as a whole allows the negative, the pain to hold us captive.  When will humanity free itself from itself? When will the individual allow their own light to shine and not be diminished by the actions of the few? Everyone has a voice and free will to choose something better for themselves. When are people going to use them? Only when the individual chooses something better for themselves can society as a whole change.

#Self4World Challenge – Week 6


Choose to allow positivity to connect you with others.

Practice Exercise:

This week enjoy making positive choices to connect with others and be of service.

  • Everyday CHOOSE – To share Love, Joy, Grace, Compassion and Harmony.
  • Be Of Service – Initiate as many random acts of kindness as possible because you can.
  • Observe The Effect – on yourself and others as a result of your choices.

Enjoy this week’s video on our YouTube Channel! It provides some gentle reminders of connecting with others in positive ways.

Post A “Selfie” Note:

Come back and post a note below! Let us know how you chose to be of service? What random acts of kindness did you initiate and how did others react? Tell us about your experiences.

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