GOD/ Spirit LOVES YOU AS YOU ARE, Right Now! – Teachings from the Masters of Light

God Loves YouThe Masters of Light provided another amazing and inspiring class in October. Each month the energies feel more powerful and life affirming. It is so rewarding to receive their teachings, which continually help us to embrace ourselves in our physicality as spiritual human beings.

One of the most powerful Masters of Light Teachings in October was:

“You matter to God (interchange with Spirit or your own word), but this means nothing if you do not matter to yourself. God is not in charge of fulfilling your personal needs, self-care or taking action on your own behalf. YOU are.”

What a simple and yet powerful statement.

The loving Masters of Light taught us that we take action in our lives based on how we feel about ourselves – not based on how God feels about us.

God, Spirit, Source – All – always love us unconditionally.  However, the conditions we place on ourselves become the limitations that prevent each of us from being fully open to receiving the beauty of this unconditional love.

Those limitations prevent us from taking positive action on our own behalf.

Here are some examples:
♥ Taking care of ourselves
♥ Fulfilling our physical needs
♥ Tending to our emotional needs
♥ Providing internal support, encouragement and kindness

In effect, we are denying ourselves and our full potential without realizing it. We are the ones who are limiting ourselves from being all that God, Spirit, Source knows we are capable of being and achieving.

The Masters of Light invited us to participate in a simple guided meditation to help us understand the difference.


♥ Meditation: Feeling God’s Love for Me♥

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, take a few long and slow deep breaths and allow yourself to begin to relax.

When you feel ready:
Step 1:  Invite in the pure essence of God, Spirit, Source – LOVE
Step 2:  Ask this presence to embrace you. Pause so you can feel in your physical body, what it feels like to receive this pure love.
Step 3:  Ask for a mental understanding — What does it mean to receive pure love?
Step 4:  Ask this pure love — What can I do to love me the way you already do?
Step 5:  When you feel ready, thank the energy of pure love and return to the present moment.

Make some notes about your experience so you can practice loving yourself the way God already does by implementing the information you received in the meditation.

This simple and yet profound exercise offers an opportunity to feel love in its purest essence. Connecting to this pure love can allow us to make the necessary changes  needed in order to accept and love ourselves right now – As We Are – the way God, Spirit, Source already does!


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