Spirit's Perspective

Gratitude With A Twist

Spirit’s Perspective

This week many people pay homage to “gratitude” as you celebrate your “Turkey Day” but we ask this of you – when you think about gratitude – do not think about anything you already are thankful for on a daily basis. Instead put your focus on areas you never stopped to think about…

Here are a few examples of people that rarely receive the gratitude or appreciation deserved for the work they offer is priceless.

  1. The people who collect your unwanted refuse
  2. The people who ensure the electricity, gas and other fuels are working through the lines regardless of the time of day, any problems or outages that occur – they show up and take time away from their families to ensure your warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer
  3. Gratitude For Global SecurityThe people who are most forgotten are those who are serving in militaries across the world. As if every nation does not have its own foreign legion protecting its own borders. Each and every soldier, from every nation desires the same feelings of safety for their cause, fears for the well being of their families and desires their loved ones are protected. The challenge is the opposing sides, the differing viewpoints and the overarching power that is all too present. So today, we ask that you give thanks and gratitude for each and every solider who is taking up arms to provide safety, security and protection to their people.

An odd request from non-terrestrial beings who only know a deep well of safety, security and protection that is other worldly and not rooted in fear. THIS is precisely why we ask you to give thanks because in doing so with a grateful heart you are actually accepting that waring is no longer necessary, that the fighting is no longer urgent and instead are recognizing the common ground that connects, unites and bonds you.

Gratitude Deepens Faith

Internal Faith

When you can open that doorway in a newfound way on a soul-level, that is when the core of you is willing to be safe, secure and protected by something far beyond a human idea. You will have FAITH in something far beyond yourself. And that dearest ones, is our goal at this time of “gratitude.”

To create an internal movement of faith so that you will not fear our direct intervention in your lives. So that you will open to the similarities between all humans and so that for a moment you will remember the core aching in your soul for connection beyond the confines of your physical bodies and all they entail by way of separation.

Call To Action

  1. Daily give thanks and gratitude for each and every solider who is taking up arms to provide safety, security and protection to their people. Recognize doing so is taking a stand that war is no longer necessary, fighting is not needed and harmony is invited to take root.

Do your best with our call to action. It is not an easy task and will ask you to be more than you thought you could be. And so it is.

With Our Deepest Respect, Admiration and Grace,

We Are With You Always,

And so it is. And so it is done.

4 Responses to “Gratitude With A Twist”

  1. I am grateful for the little neighbor girls who knock on my door and ask for math or reading help. I am grateful for all the neighbors who see the magnificence in my Grandson Billy. We had our Thanksgiving family dinner and I fullout accepted each person as themselves and the day was easy and lovely. I am thankful that you and the guides helped me to see me.

    • How beautiful. Thanks for sharing these precious gems of gratitude! So glad we were able to help you see you!!! It’s amazing how seeing oneself allows so much more joy, ease and love into our lives.

  2. I reread your offering this evening because I knew the importance of the message and wanted to participate in this call to gratitude, I hear the call, I feel the call and my heart opens to the brave soldiers who are “taking up arms” to provide the safety and protection of their peoples. I feel the cries of those who are frightened and see a blanket of love comforting them and for a moment, if only a moment, they can feel the warmth, the sweetness, the embrace. I am grateful for the miners, for all those who are working the night shifts, for those who are working tirelessly to support their families…may they feel the support that is offered. Bless you all, and bless you, dear Christi for agreeing to be the conduit for love.

    SUSAN DELORENZO November 25th, 16 at 1:58am
    • How beautiful Susan. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for participating in Spirit’s call to action. Our world needs all the extra support we can provide.