Help For You

Help Yourself: For Yourself Isn’t By Yourself

For Myself Vs. By Myself


There’s a difference between doing something to help yourself and trying to help yourself by yourself. Helping yourself is non-negotiable. Because even with the best tools in the world – if you don’t use them to help yourself, there’s no benefit from them. In other words, taking knowledge and doing something with it – for yourself – is owning accountability and responsibility for making changes happen.

However, that doesn’t translate into having to figure it out by yourself. We can’t always get where we want to go by ourselves. And frankly on a planet 7+ billion people, we aren’t intended to. So if you’ve got that mentality, I’m on my own – today may be a good time for a self check-in. Are you sure?

According to scientists people are flooded with so much data the brain can’t process it all. Did you know you’re bombarded by 400 billion bits of information per second but the brain only processes 2,000 of those bits? That’s over 399 billion blindspots per second!! Psst, there’s always more information available than what you’re accessing.

So, if you’re thinking you have to go it alone – there’s billions of reasons you may feel frustrated or stuck. You don’t have access to the information you need to help yourself.

You need outside support to help you process a different 2,000 bits! You don’t have to discover your blindspots on your own.

Help Yourself – With Support Through Your Blindspots

We all need help sometimes. Me included!

Okay. So for me that may look a little different than the average person. My first go-to is always my intuitive wisdom. That direct connection I have to access the Soul. Maybe you’ve heard me refer to it as The Guides. I use that knowledge to help myself move forward. To overcome obstacles. Understand my own blindspots. And strategize a path toward my goals. However, I have to apply it, by doing it for myself.

Sometimes I need a person to help me. My #1 go to person is Pete! His practicality is mind-numbing. Guaranteed within minutes – I’m saying, “I never thought of it that way!” We laugh and get to work using the tools my Soul provided.

Whether you have access to your own intuition. Communicate with Spirit. Or are doing the best you can with what you know – guaranteed there’s going to be times outside perspective is necessary. Because everyone has blindspots!

Let us help you get the clarity you need!

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Spirit’s Perspective™:

You need each other. If you understood what your raw talent was, you’d all be more willing to share it. Because you wouldn’t be comparing, judging or making yourselves or anyone else wrong. Instead, you’d understand you have access to knowledge someone else doesn’t. Then, you’d share it!


Intrigued to learn more about your own raw talents? Details about our upcoming online class Finding Your North Star coming next week. Stay tuned!