Honor Yourself & Listen to the Call of Your Own Heart.

Honor Your HeartFinding time to honor oneself can be challenging on the earth plane, especially in the busy-ness of day to day living.

Yet, doing so is precisely what makes the difference in the quality of our lives and our relationships.

Will we hold those precious in our hearts, close with our hugs and affection or will we unwittingly push them aside with to do lists, idleness and other timeless priorities?

Today is a day for us all to stop and pause a moment to take a deep breath. Pause in the energy of those people we cherish and ask ourselves:

How am I treating the people who mean the most to me?
Am I unaware that I am taking them for granted?
Have I told them how important they are to me?
Did I let them know today how very much I love and appreciate them?

Each day provides another opportunity to cherish our loved ones, to take the time to honor our heart commitments and to re-claim (and when necessary re-establish) our very own priorities of our individual hearts.

There will always be numerous outside distractions, to do lists and other items which will call for our attention, but it is an individual choice we make daily to honor the call of our own hearts.