Soul Letter Envelope

The Process of Writing A Spirit Letter

Clients Have Asked Me – How Do I Write A Spirit Letter When I’m Only Provided With A Name?

It’s natural for me because I was born with an innate ability to communicate with Spirit. Sometimes that takes on the form of an individual’s soul, a deceased loved one, a Spirit Guide or God directly. As I write each letter – a two way conversation occurs between myself and Spirit.

We work in unison. While Spirit communicates its message for you, my soul seamlessly interweaves hints, tools and techniques to implement. So that you may experience the shift that Spirit intends while receiving support and guidance to usher you forward.

A Spirit Letter is a road map on your life’s journey to grow forward:

  • Get the Truth straight up to usher you forward. 
  • Learn about blindspots that are blocking you from living your best life.
  • Gain clarity and hints to help yourself become a better you.
  • Be uplifted because you’re reading about the real you – the amazing, one-of-a-kind you who can’t be duplicated or replicated.

Communicating with Spirit is something I consider a privilege. I’m moved to tears writing each letter as I experience the purity and genuine love inside you. To say I’m awed by the process is quite the understatement. It’s a true honor being able to connect soul to soul! 

Placing Orders

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  • Once you click the above button, you’ll see “Spirit letter quantity.” Input how many letters you want to order, then click “Add To Cart.”
  • Make sure the next screen displays the right number of letters. Then click “Proceed to Checkout”. (The sale price is already noted so you don’t need a coupon).
  • Scroll down to billing details and fill in your information. If only one letter is for someone else you can input their data under “Ship to different address.”
  • “Order Notes” is where you’ll provide the recipients names and if you want letters mailed to multiple addresses that are different from your own please include them too. Make all your notes to me in this section.
  • Click “Place Order” and you’re all set!

If I have any questions about your order I’ll email or call, so please be sure to provide your best contact info. 

Get An Inside View

Snippets from a few of last year’s letters

Example #1: When You Can’t See Who You Are

“…You’ve got to stop punishing yourself for being who you are. I know you don’t know it, because I’m the wisest part of you – your purest part – the Soul inside you. So I can see the pain that’s blocking access to me, and our direct connections and it’s high time I spoke in a frank way so you can see how extraordinary you are.

I mean seriously, imagine a rainbow or a shooting star thinking it weren’t beautiful, exquisite to behold, or were unworthy of being experienced in all of its glory? C’mon how often do you really see a shooting star? Not often enough, I’d say. They’re so beautiful and admired because they’re rare.

Like precious gemstones are rare. And expensive bottles of wine – rare too! Trouble is, you were taught rare was negative. Like a steak that’s not cooked enough so if you eat it, ya might get some diseases. That’s not the kind of rare you are. You are not a rare piece of meat, a rare cut maybe, but not the kind that’s raw!…”

Example #2: When You Aren’t Open To Receive What You Deserve

“So this may seem a little weird to you. A letter that’s got such important information, written by a stranger who has a knack for hearing the soul – please just try it on. Consider there’s more actually possible than you’ve ever been taught. And that the way essential information makes it’s way to your doorstep is less important than you receiving what you need.

Remember that feeling around the holidays or a birthday when you actually got “exactly what you wanted?” The sense of excitement, mixed with overwhelming joy. Happiness. And mostly, surprise that someone knew just exactly what it was.

Well, that feeling is an important one to reconnect with. As you got older, it was normal to face disappointment, to have experiences where other people weren’t as aware, not just of what you wanted – but what you sure as heck neverwanted! No one wants a person to be cruel, disrespectful or to cheat on them. Right? Who wants that? NO ONE!

But it happens…”

Example #3: When You Aren’t Fully Aware Of What You’re Capable Of

“…In the world it’s easy to place value on money because you need it to live! Right? But when the value of person is measured as money by a company it can be really easy to forget, that’s not the value of a person – it’s the value of their skills, education, and knowledge. Because the true value of a person is immeasurable.

Time together is priceless. The impact of it too, is priceless. And you know that. It’s not something you aren’t aware of, but where you’re less consciously aware is the actual impact you have. And it’s an important one because you have a much further reach than you could ever fathom.

You’ve added several children into the world and their reach is an extension of yours. Each person you come in contact with is impacted by you, they go on to impact others and the ripple continues. So when you think it doesn’t matter what I say or do, with the utmost respect and love – you’re wrong!

People the globe over, are impacted by you – sometimes in ways you’d never fathom. Every good deed you do extends far beyond your imagination because you aren’t on the receiving end to see where and how far it extends. You couldn’t even begin to comprehend the totality of that ripple effect…”

Each letter continued on to provide greater clarity, guidance, and tools to help each person move forward on their path. Find out what your soul wants you to know!

Please remember to order your Spirit Letters before the December 9 deadline to receive them in time for Christmas! If you celebrate another holiday or just want one for yourself this special runs through December 31.