As Within So Without

Humanity, You Are The World

Each Person Contributes To The World

By The Guides

The energy of what is occurring today on planet earth has been seeded long ago. From our vantage point, pain must be addressed in order for there to be room for pure love. Otherwise you get a watered-down, altered, manipulated form of something that to you resembles love and to us resembles junk. No disrespect – but if you believe ‘not love’ is truly love – then you will miss all the pure love where it actually is. Simply because you will not be looking for it.

Why are we sharing this today? Because you need to understand, all of you who feel disappointed, depressed, upset, angry, and other negative feelings that Truth is being revealed. On Monday, you felt hope, potential and looked forward to the opportunities for change ahead of you – many of you did anyway. On Wednesday, you felt something else.

And for those who feel something else, what you cannot recognize is this simple truth.

Nothing can change until the problem is out in the open.

A marriage embroiled by an affair is rooted in lies. One spouse cheating, the other in denial. The affair is only a symptom of much larger problems. Problems which cannot be addressed so long as they are ignored, covered up, disguised or denied. Once the affair is out in the open, pain can heal, problems can be solved, and the circumstances can change. But this requires a level of Truth that is not readily accepted – if it were, the affair would not have occurred in the first place.

Truth has been revealed. Problems can be solved. Pain can heal. Circumstances can change. No longer is denial taking the place of Truth.

Truth Births New Realities

The Truth however is a bitter, ugly, vile picture. Bigotry exists. Bullying is present. Inequality is prevalent. Racism, sexism, and classism are problems. There are great divides that have been laid out in the open.

The Burst of Light has indeed occurred. The Truth is revealed.

Truth RevealedAnd with this is an opening for harmony, healing, and change as long standing problems are visible on the national stage for all to see.

The question we ask is this – What are you willing to accept? What action are you willing to take to create change?

We ask this on a personal, local, national, and global level because every action you take, every thought you have, and every feeling you feel is always contributing to the energy in the ethers. Just because it is as invisible to the naked eye as we are – does not make its potency any less powerful.

Christi said it beautifully when she said –

“People can change if they understand what the problem is and choose to heal themselves. Only then will their actions alter.”

It is far easier to point the finger of blame, to justify oneself, to defend something than it is to roll ones’ sleeves up and be willing to get dirty.

To get into the deeper trenches of oneself Ask These Questions:

  1. Where is my own bigotry toward myself? Because if I carry it toward me, I contribute it to the world.
  2. Where is my own hatred toward myself? Because if I treat myself with harshness and cruelty, I contribute it to the world
  3. Where is my own injustice toward myself? Because if I believe I deserve it, I contribute it to the world.

These are tough questions because they move the onus of accountability and responsibility to the self to heal, to change and to be willing to delve within to carry a purer truth of love, justice and equality through being, action and interaction. Not to ignore one’s own contribution but to nip it in the bud and then expand out in bigger ways. So the self is a potent force of love, truth and positive reality which ripples out and is contributed to the world.

For every personal self-hatred you carry, for every harsh self-inflicted word you say to yourself, for every cruel and unsupportive action you take toward yourself there are millions more occurring around you. To change the institutions and what you call “the establishment” – to have true and lasting change – the people must change. After all, every human institution and establishment is run by people.

People are in charge. People have the power. But people have turned a blind eye to the real problems at hand because they feel too big, too looming and too overwhelming.

A New Path ForwardThe truth has been revealed and now the healing can begin so the innovation, ingenuity and cleverness inside can provide the solutions to problems that feel too big. The real problem is ignoring the pain which created the problems. It hides all the answers, solutions and salve.

Restore your hope, the sense of potential and your desire for change – now it is not a wish or a fantasy – it is a reality. The first step has begun, the Truth is being revealed so that change can indeed occur.

What Can You Do?

  • Fuel Love, Compassion, Understanding and Tolerance for Humanity and yourself
  • Stop yourself and become aware of when you are fueling negativity
  • Deepen your own capacity to be an anchor for pure love, truth and positive potential
  • Open to receive the vibration of love that will expand where you are on the spectrum of potential
  • Continue to say the Prayer for Truth from last week’s blog
  • Choose to be a Steward for Humanity – join us in lighting a white candle for 5 minutes daily. (White is the combination of all colors, for this purpose it represents harmony) Say this prayer for Humanity below. It sets a very powerful intention which requires action to stand for who every human is capable of being.

Prayer for Humanity

Truth: YOUI open my heart, my mind and my soul to serve as a Steward for Humanity.

I stand for the Divinity, Purity and Truth of the Soul inside every human being.

As I open to respect, accept and honor myself and others even more deeply, I anchor the reality of this on a global level that all humans may respect, accept and honor each other.

I willingly serve Humanity as a beacon of Truth in my words, actions and deeds.

Spirit, guide me to heal the pain inside myself to reveal the next layer of TRUTH beneath the pain where the beauty, kindness, and integrity of self is residing.

Spirit, guide me to live my truest and fullest potential. Show me the highest potential for Humanity and guide me to be of service to become this new reality.

As I embrace the TRUE Beauty of LOVE within myself at my core, I allow myself to walk, talk and become the living embodiment of Pure Love.

I allow myself to see the world through Spirit’s loving eyes, as a Steward for Humanity.

I allow myself to be a force to fuel kindness, compassion, understanding and harmony.

Spirit I ask you to support me so that the capacity of my force is the might of 1 million people that I may serve as a Steward for Humanity by becoming the living embodiment of what we are all capable of.

And so it is. And so it is done.

See Humanity Through Eyes Of LOVE

With Our Deepest Love, Respect and Admiration,

We Are With You Always

2 Responses to “Humanity, You Are The World”

  1. Tears streamed down my face as I read the “Prayer for Humanity” I could Feel the potency of it, this prayer to be a Steward for humanity…what a beautiful and “heartfelt” prayer. Thank you…Love.

    • Glad to hear you could feel the potency of the prayer. The energy sure is intense for me and Pete! The Guides are working really hard to guide us ALL.