Individual Private Sessions

All of our individual private sessions are available by appointment. Please call or email to schedule a session.


Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions

with Christi & The Guides

Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions are powerful and transformative opportunities to accept Spirit Guidance. Spirit will always guide your session for your highest good ensuring you receive the clarity, wisdom and insight you need.

Every session is unique and personalized based on where you are and what you need. Christi serves as a bridge between you and your Spirit Guides and Angelic Helpers, ensuring you are safe, secure and experience their immense love.
  • Areas where you feel stuck, challenged or burdened are addressed
  • Clarity is introduced and highlighted so you can make new choices
  • The Guides offer suggestions for fresh ways to view situations
  • Practical tools will be presented for you to use on your own

Sessions are highly interactive to ensure the messages from Spirit are properly interpreted and understood. Since Christi receives rapid energy downloads, she always wants to be certain the information is translated into the words your heart needs to hear and can accept. Your understanding of Spirit’s information is her primary focus.

You will always receive tools to work with after each session, because you must know how to apply the valuable information from Spirit to create the changes in your life you desire to experience.


What Are The Benefits?

◆ Clarify Your Direction and Move Beyond Limiting Beliefs
◆ Discover Relationship Challenges to Break Old Patterns
◆ Uncover & Discover Blind Spots
◆ Understand & Release the Emotional Charge of Past Traumas
◆ Reveal New Possibilities, Opportunities and Options
◆ Align Your Life With Your Heart to Experience Pure Love, Joy, Success, Happiness & Security


What Is The Abundance Exchange?

1/2 Hour Session: $80
One-Hour Session: $155

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Past Life Regression Sessions

with Susan DeLorenzo

In a safe and loving environment through the use of hypnotic regression, you will be put into a deeply relaxed state, a deeper form of guided imagery. Susan will guide you into this state by talking to you while soothing music is played. You will be guided to a very deep state of relaxation and peace. It is much like dreaming where you see, hear and feel while another part of you knows that you are in a dream. This will help you gently re-experience your significant past life events.

Know that you are always in control, for your psyche will never do anything you don’t want to do. Sometimes it may not be necessary to go to a past life, a childhood memory will be enough.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Better understand yourself in this lifetime
  • Transform difficulties in relationships
  • Heal abandonment and separation issues
  • Reverse betrayal and victimization
  • Heal physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Raise chronic low self esteem
  • Resolve birth and fertility problems
  • Resolve power and money issues
  • Transform limiting beliefs
  • Can be used for free exploration on positive experiences (ex) re-experiencing a successful happy time


What Is The Abundance Exchange?

A session length is 2-3 hours. The first session $200, additional sessions $175



Unlock Your Cellular Memory

with Marion McGowen

An individual session with Marion will undoubtedly include multiple disciplines as she serves to guide you in releasing what is no longer serving you to embrace more for yourself. Her gentle, yet straightforward approach is direct and to the point, addressing the places emotional and energetic wounds are dormant in the body. A typical session includes a combination of modalities covering 30 years of extensive training. Commonly, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Reiki are used with One Brain techniques to unlock the cellular memories, diffusing the negative emotional charge. Through muscle testing, Spirit Guidance and Intuition she is guided to serve your highest good meeting you where you are on your journey.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Diffuse negative emotional charges from life experiences or patterns
  • Freedom from past hurts, trauma, or abuse
  • Open to accepting more for yourself


What Is The Abundance Exchange?

One-Hour Session: $130


Unearthing U™ Private Coaching

with Mark Szep

Private Coaching Sessions provide attention specifically for the unearthing of old belief systems or lingering threads of belief that continue to hold you back from reaching your full potential. Whether you are new to the Unearthing U™ Process or looking for assistance surrounding a specific issue or challenge, our Private Coaching Sessions are divinely guided to provide the clarity and awareness you require right now to move forward into a more expanded – more aware – version of Self.

Private Coaching is a great option for people looking to begin or continue the Unearthing U™ Process but who need greater individualized attention in a more private setting. This allows us to tailor the session to meet your specific goals, learning style and experience level.


What Are The Benefits?

• Identify challenges presenting Right Now
• Stop cycles of self-sabotage, distraction and procrastination
• Release and surpass old limiting beliefs
• Develop and hone your relationship with yourself and others
• Experience and nurture the true essence of safety, security, love, joy and abundance
• Receive effective tools for moving forward


What Is The Abundance Exchange?
One-Hour Session: $110



SPECIAL: Accelerated Growth Program

10-Individualized Private Sessions

4- Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions with Christi & The Guides

3-Unlock Your Cellular Memory Sessions with Marion McGowan

3-Activate Your Divine Essence with Susan DeLorenzo


Are you ready to propel forward?

Our Dynamic 10-week individualized program will transform your perspective of Self, align you with your divine potential and provide tools to move beyond prior limitations.

Enjoy a program tailored for your specific needs.  For 10 consecutive weeks, our practitioners will meet behind the scenes conferring with Spirit and each other tailoring sessions for your accelerated growth & development. Session lengths will vary from 90-120 minutes per session.


 What Are The Benefits?

◆ Open New Possibilities
◆ Align with Internal Success
◆ Release Old Emotional Blocks
◆ Activate Your Pure Divine Essence
◆ Deepen Your Self-Acceptance
◆ Embrace Your Uniqueness


What Is The Abundance Exchange?

Each weekly session length will vary from 90-120 minutes. Pay as you go, $150 weekly,

or make 6 payments of $250.

For more info, click this link – Accelerated Growth Program



Energy Healing Sessions


Energy Healing Sessions provide opportunities for relaxation, alignment, and release of negative or stagnant energy. We offer different types of Energy Healing experiences.


Echoes of Love – Individual Sessions

with Susan DeLorenzo

Echoes of Love Sessions with Susan DeLorenzo are sacred experiences with the Divine Energy Frequencies of Love and Light, as she combines Reiki and sacred sounds for alignment, encoding and calibration of the subtle layers of your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

An open channel to the Divine Energies, every session with Susan DeLorenzo is customized for the individual. Working with Municipalities of Life – the governing light principles for human evolution, she is gifted with aligning others to their highest frequencies. An on-going process of human development allows the continual vibrational alignment in accord with the divine blueprint for each individual, meeting you where you are, utilizing the languages of love, ancient languages we do not currently speak. This process facilitates a deepening of self-acceptance, self-love and self-development so you are better able to connect with your higher purpose, utilizing your soul’s path in a beneficial way.

Channeled vibrational healing sessions, may include a meditative process, hands on healing, vibrational languages shared through vocals, chants and tones.


What Are The Benefits?

Susan opens to the Divine energies of Reiki and sound that are spoken specifically for you…one would say, “custom made”…offering healing alignment and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. These energies of sound work with you (meet you where you are) to release stuck or discordant energy that no longer serve you. Your “intention” and, “willingness” create the fullness of your experience…we will say, “you are an equal participant as well as a recipient.” These channeled sounds provide an opening, a pathway to experience a deeper sense of Self, the real You…the remembrance of your Divine Nature, feeling empowered, balanced and more at peace.


What Is The Abundance Exchange?

  • one-hour session $110



Energy Fusion Sessions™

An Energy Fusion Session™ is an opportunity to connect with your Divine Self in a profound way. Experiencing 3-practitioners working with you simultaneously, enhances your ability to move beyond fear to embrace the love, light and healing that is available through a collective connection with Spirit. The Energy Fusion Team, functions as one unit operating from a deep heart space serving as conduits for Spirit. Together they meld powerfully infused energies that clear energetic blocks, raise vibrational frequencies and provide intuitive messages igniting the spark of Truth and Divinity within.


What Are The Benefits?

By addressing all four key aspects of Self: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, blocks are revealed through love and new perspectives of possibilities are opened. This combination creates a remarkable sense of self-confidence, self-reliance, and personal accomplishment. Our clients receive the energy and information needed to propel them forward on their journey. Many people discover that participating in multiple sessions, creates an opportunity to reach an accelerated depth of personal growth and awareness.

Please note, sessions are not intended for physical healing and do not take the place of medical care. They do however, enhance the body’s natural healing ability on all levels. Restoring alignment of stagnant, blocked or static energy brings a deep sense of well-being, relaxation and self-expression.


What Is The Abundance Exchange?

1/2 hour session $100
one-hour session $160

5-Session Package

You can also expand the benefits with a 5-session Package and receive a 15% discount. Each of the 5-sessions is $136.